Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Moving south

We left the Harpers Ferry KOA lunacy behind on Saturday and enjoyed a pleasant drive through the Blue Ridge Mountains, through Fancy Gap, and into North Carolina.   

Fancy Gap's steep grades

We're just north of Statesville, North Carolina at the Van Hoy Family Campground for a few days.    This is a pleasant spot with lots of places to walk Lewis, plenty of space between sites and good old peace and quiet.

post happy hour walk 

Relaxing is the job at hand but, after lunch today, we drove a few miles south into Mooresville to visit a couple of the NASCAR team race shops.

Dave looks at Dale Earnhardt Sr.'s old race car in Dale Earnhardt Jr's race shop
(no photos allowed - so I only snuck one)

Dave browses in the gift shop at Team Penske

Roger Penske's spotless NASCAR shop

cars that didn't make the trip to Phoenix Raceway this week

Yesterday, after grocery shopping, we stopped at a pet store and bought sweet Lewis a new ball and a new "fish".       He definitely favors one.

Oh Dave, let him have the new ball!

Later in the week we'll continue on south.   While we've enjoyed some beautiful fall weather so far, we're both finding the need for warmth.    Short sleeve, no socks kind of warmth.   


  1. Good to hear from you. I was hoping you weren't caught in that horrible weather moving east.

  2. Warm weather sounds heavenly...we haven’t had any in so long! The Van Hoy Family CG looks perfect for peace and quiet and relaxing! I’m a bit surprised there wasn’t more color in “them thar hills” back in NC. Dave and Lew crack me up and you always capture them at the funniest times!

  3. I like your statement—"Relaxing is the job at hand." That, and playing with the new toys. :-)

  4. So nice for Lewis to get NEW toys!! Those steep grades looked a bit treacherous. Cindy

  5. Oh, boy, Lew got a new ball!! Too bad Dad had to play with also. That Penske Racing shop is huge. I knew they had several cars but, gee, that holds a ton. Good to hear you were having a relaxing time:)