Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Catch up

 Last week was a busy one.    Dave finished up the lower level build-out of one bedroom/closet, one bathroom, hallway with linen closet and a small alcove for reading or puzzling, etc., with another deep closet under the stairway.    I'll show you a few pictures in another post.

We had the docks taken in, stored all the outdoor furniture and crocks in the rest of the lower level/basement area.    Dave had a few things he wanted to do in Beluga so they were taken care of that last week also....phew!    He installed a new water pump, fabricated and welded an aluminum box to line a small compartment that was showing rust inside (the only one that isn't rotationally molded plastic), replaced 0 rings in the hydraulic leveling jack pump, reprogrammed the jack pad control module, and then gave her a quick bath.     We began to have a problem with our friends, the stink bugs, looking for a place to tuck in for the winter.    Dave tried a few methods to remove them permanently, one made me laugh!    

He'd run them down to the dock and place them in the lake (if he tossed them, they'd just fly off) - bass food he said - but that became tiresome so he gave up!

rusty compartment

aluminum box installed

During some of these jobs, our in-house supervisor took his job a little too seriously and caused some minor delays.    He was very sorry about that, he wished he didn't do it, but he still had to stay outside until he dried.    He doesn't like to be outside without us.

supervisor walked under the painting operation
and got the curls painted "linen" white have to stay out there til you dry

Dave and Lewis continued their evening fishing appointment with differing levels of success.

this bass spit out feathers when Dave removed the hook!

OUCH!  Urgent Care here we come!

We went out for a first/last visit to the Charcoal Corral on nearby Silver Lake.    We took our hot dogs and drove to a spot with a view of the lake.    It was too cold for post hot dog ice creams.

Mmmm foot long hot dog!
(John, avert your eyes)

We enjoyed the last few second cup/happy hour entertainments from our chairs on the dock.

uh oh, another duplicate - sorry

Lewis was busy also.    He took last swims and rounded up his most favorite toys to make sure they were all in one place and ready to load in Beluga.

he always waits for approval before he jumps off the breakwall into the lake

We stayed in Beluga our last night at the lake.   The morning we left (Saturday) was beautiful and sunny.     We enjoyed our last second cup with a fabulous Cronut provided by Tom and Robin for just that occasion.   

Our first night's stop was in McKean, Ohio.   The next night in Ohio brought us heavy rain that continued all day yesterday and last evening here in Casey, Illinois.    

We'll stay here today and relax before moving on in the morning.    It's so good to be back in Beluga and on the road.   It will be nice when we can turn the furnace off and put away the raincoats though....

Hmmm.   I had a couple pictures that I wanted to show you and I forgot to put them in the body of this post.     I have a little trouble with this new Blogger format so, if you don't mind, I'll just stick them right here.     The last one, of Lew with the paint stripe, is a duplicate and I can't for the life of me figure out how to remove it.    If anyone has this knowledge, I'd appreciate it!

Dave and Sue!


  1. Those bright sunny skies make it look too warm to be heading out, but your travels show you're right on time! That Dave is one handy guy-you and Beluga are so lucky. I'm having grumblies with this new Blogger program too. To remove a photo with Delete no longer an option, I right click on the photo and then Cut. Not ideal but it does work. Not that seeing Lewis' paint spot twice is a hardship :-))) I'm so happy to see your Sue and Dave gizwatchy again - it's so you!!

  2. Thanks Jodee, I'll try that next time! I agree, I'm very lucky and so is old Beluga!

  3. Thanks for all the updates. It’s a happy life you have there at the lake, and it’s great to see you three in Beluga traveling...what a life you share!

  4. The lake has so much beauty to offer. Always something interesting. I love that cactus mug. I can imagine Dave is glad to be moving away and leaving the work behind. He was one busy guy this summer, especially the last couple weeks. That is the cutest photo of Lew with his toys. You can see him trying to figure out what you are saying. Thanks for sharing some last memories of the summer. Safe travels!!

  5. While the Lake Life looks idyllic, I know how good it feels to be on the move again. I hope both the fish hook and Lewis' skunk stripe came out without too much trouble. Pets are very helpful! 😆 Safe motoring to warmer climes!

  6. Looks like you had a lovely and productive summer on the lake. Hope to see you in the west some time this winter!

  7. It's amazing how much Dave accomplished over the summer—not only creating living space downstairs, but all of the work on Beluga! I know you were behind the scenes keeping everyone well fed and taking care of daily life. And Lew, of course, had the all-important job of head supervisor, LOL!

  8. I had totally forgotten about stink bugs until you just mentioned them. Those little buggers are the WORST! Where the hell do they hang out all the time? One minute, there's peace and the next it's "Bzzzzz..." and they're flying around your head. Weirdos.

    Anyway, looks like you all had a good and productive late Summer/early Fall. Safe travels as you head toward the sunshine!!

  9. Love the photos, especially the painted dog. Hope your weather improves as you journey on.