Thursday, October 29, 2020

Finally the storm passed

It was a doozy! Sunday night through Thursday morning it raged and stormed. Ice, thunder, freezing temperatures, high winds, tree branches falling around us, frozen water pipes. Add to that 6+ inches of heavy wet snow.    

walking in a winter wonderland

Last night the snow started.    We ordered another dinner from the Big Texan and just as we finished the last bite, our power went out.

he finally looked up!

no power

We're parked next to a lovely tree but between the ice already covering it and the addition of heavy wet snow and strong winds, it began to drop it's branches - quite energetically.     Dave went out into the storm and up on the roof to try and mitigate the damage.    I was a wreck, worrying about him slipping and flying past my window!    He was fine and when he came back in and thawed out we turned on the trusty generator to keep the compartment heaters working.   Propane kept our inside furnace running and the power came back on around 10 p.m.

This morning we woke to sunny skies and the sound of melting snow.    There was a pile of branches next to Beluga but no damage to our roof.      Dave lent our ladder to neighbors who were trying to break up inches of ice from their slide toppers using a stool and walking stick.  

Lewis expresses his opinion of this weather

We decided to stay here one more day to let things dry out and the roads clear before we continue our western journey.     It's been quite an experience.


  1. WOW! Glad no damage was done, what an experience! Stay Safe!

  2. Whew, sure glad you're all okay and Beluga survived the snow and trees! Can't imagine so many days of nastiness :-( Glad Lew was able to express himself appropriately :-)))

  3. Definitely a tough few days with nonstop worry. So glad Beluga made it with no tree/ice damage. I'm sure you won't be sorry to wave good bye to this stop. Thank goodness for the Texas Steakhouse for something to look forward to. Love Lewis' reaction!! Safe travels!

  4. I share Lew's opinion! I also share yours every time TBG goes up on the roof. Glad to know you came out unscathed and hoping that's the extent of winter for you this year. Brrr!

  5. For being so far south Amarillo gets hit with a lot of Snow Storms.
    Glad you made it unscathed.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the Big Texan.

    It's about time.

  6. So happy all the worst is behind you and all is good with you, Lewis and Beluga. “Westward Ho” dear friends!

  7. Whew! I can just imagine the situation. It seems that traveling this time of year heading west is always bad and I think this is the worst you had. Thankfully everyone survived the wet, the cold and the anxiety. That steak bone looks so yummy!
    Hope this is the last of the bad weather as you head west. Safe travels - ML

    1. That picture was taken and shown just for you MonaLiza! Dave knew you'd notice it right away!

  8. Oh wow! That is BAD. I'm so glad you're safe. LOL at Dave 'finally looking up' from his steak extravaganza. And yes, Lew definitely has the correct response. Safe travels as you leave that mess behind!

  9. I think Lew has the right idea!