Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pictures from Monday

We had a little visitor last night.....I wonder who made these dusty footprints on our step?

Last night the pictures just plain wouldn't load, today they are loading at desert tortoise speed, so I've only added a couple of representative ones.  Of course, you won't see any of the climb or descent, you know I couldn't look out, much less take a picture with my window rolled down!

close-up of the Alabama Hills rocks


those little brown lumps in the background are the huge Alabama Hills as seen from above.
The mountains in the background are the Inyo's

this picture is taken at the end of the road at 8000 ft. plus
the white peak is at the end of the trail....

see Dave scrambling up the side of the waterfall?

birdwatching - a golden eagle
I had a far off picture, but decided not to try and load it

Guess where that shard of ice Dave is holding in his little hand went right after I took this picture......

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