Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tuesday - random pictures

The day dawned calm and clear.  We never got the strong wind storms predicted, thats a good thing.  The two pictures below are taken from the same spot as the final photo (sunset) in last night's blog.  The Sierra Peaks hidden then were blanketed with beautiful, glistening snow this morning.

I forgot to post this picture of another one of the "interesting" folks here in Brown's Town Campground.  An older gentleman has been living in this white pick-up since we've been here.  The license plates tell us he's from Oregon and he is in a non-hook up spot.  He spends the entire day (and night) in the cab of the truck, the back is filled with "stuff".  He eats his meals standing at the tailgate, reaching in for whatever lunch is for him.  Then he fills his water jug, and gets back in the cab.....A rugged individualist, no doubt.  We've seen a lot of those along this route.

One of Bishop's claim to fame is their Mule Days Celebration every Memorial Day.  Its been going on for 43 years and sounds like a wild and wooly week to be sure.  Everyone, it seems, harbors at least one mule.

  We set out for another lunch at Erick Schats Bakery today but took a different road to see what we might see on our way.  Some lovely communities, most with one or two horses or mules.   We're really loving Bishop, its a beautiful place.

a lone mule dozing in the sun.
 in the distance behind him is the volcanic tableland with the  petroglyphs and behind that are the White Mountains

 a much younger guy

Uncle Mike, if you're reading, this picture is for you.  How would you like to fly your cool RC planes at this field?   One guy was  pulling away from the field with a large RC plane in the bed of his pickup as we drove by - no one else was in the air.  Too bad, such a beautiful backdrop.
We sat outside in the sun at our favorite bakery and enjoyed fresh roast turkey sandwiches on sourdough bread.  Dave had bbq turkey and I had a turkey club with wonderful potato salad.  We weren't alone....
our little lunch guest, sitting over Dave's head, watching....

Tom, those wonderful cookies came with lunch again today!  They were just as good, so I bought a few "extras" to take home.  Mmmmm

Dave is using these "cavaletti" to teach Lewis new tricks.   He couldn't help himself.   After we trimmed the pour guys face this afternoon, we took him out and had a good ball and jumping session.  Fun!

Its getting quite chilly, so I didn't stay outside to capture another stunning sunset over the Sierras.  The picture below is the beginning glow on the white mountains.


  1. Hey, do you think that man has lost his home, now just has his truck and travels around?

    Loved the pix of Lewis and the cavaletti jumps! And the mules! Their coats are not nearly as ready for winter as my miniature donkey's is! He must have 2-3 inches already. With the minis not far behind.

  2. Sue, this is a test! I've been trying to post and have been unsuccessful. One last try....

  3. Wow! It finally worked! Must be Remi helped with reading the mumbo jumbo.
    I want to tell you again how wonderful it is to read and view your journey. This is really the first site I look at each morning.
    Jonathan sent us a photo of a new camper from Germany, the Carthago. Google it. If we win the lottery, Tom says we can buy one and follow in your footsteps.