Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wednesday - fore!!!

We watched the golfers play by this morning as we sat with our coffees.  It was quite chilly again, but sunny and clear.  As we often do, we discussed our thoughts for the day ahead.  A round of golf sounded good to both of us, the course is close, relatively inexpensive and looked fairly empty today, so.....

Dave got us take-out lunch from......Schat's Bakery, and we got organized to make a 1 p.m. tee time.   We both don't know how we'll manage without Schat's!!!!  I know, you're all crying a river for poor us.....

The first nine went well, a  foursome let Dave play through and the course was beautiful.

The course ran right down through the valley - the White Mountains to the east

the Sierra Nevada's to the west

the course was relatively flat with plenty of clear streams and ponds mixed with interesting groves of trees

As we neared the 8th hole, the wind began to pick up.  By the end of the course, Dave was playing into probably 30 mph sustained winds from the northeast.  You all know how cold wind from the northeast can be.....we froze!!!!!    I think it was payback for the big Monday windstorm that never waited til we were outside and vulnerable...

Beluga and her "little friend" in the campground as seen from the 12th hole.
See Dave's red, windburned face?
All in all we had a wonderful day on the Bishop Country Club course.  It was sunny and warm (when we found a windbreak of trees) and the course was fun to play.  Dave was happy with his score.

We sat inside with our gin and tonics tonight.  We had the same view as outside, but none of the wind.
my view from the lounge chair.  pretty nice.
We decided to try Holy Smoke Texas BBQ for dinner.  It came highly recommended and I can say it certainly lived up to the hype.  Maybe again tomorrow?

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  1. I don't hear much "cooking" going on, Sue! Better keep up those skills for when you get back to your "real world!!!!" Need any recipes from up the road??

    Update from Reservoir: the Davis' old house (Marianne's now) is still for sale. Looks like maybe a renter in there for winter. Reid's ranch (on the same side as Davis' is now for sale)$319 and sits back from the road with the small pond in front. Lockwood's not up for sale yet. Been quiet around there. Oh, and Sells' enlarged their driveway a little for that new trailer. Wegmans is still operating (thankfully!) and DD is still making those boston creme donuts and Pat has one every time I buy her coffee!