Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thursday - back in the desert again

First off, let me apologize for any incomplete posts, duplicate posts, or any other odd communications from me on this blog for the last few days.  Our internet service was intermittent and quite quirky, so I wasn't really able to see what I was sending.    I just held my breath and clicked "publish" and hoped it would...

We checked out of our lovely site at Buckskin Mountain State Park this afternoon, one day early.  Nothing wrong with the park, as a matter of fact we will keep it on our list of places to come back to.

view of the campground entrance from the trail high above

we saw these signs all over, do you think they knew we were coming?
and  were they talking about me or Dave?

as we were packing up this morning, this guy flew by us (behind a boat of course...)

  I had seen an outdoor chair at the Quartzsite show last week that, after way too much procrastinating, I  decided would be good to have, so we headed back to our boondocking site on Dome Rock Road.    Nina and Paul (Polly, too) were still there so the dogs had a happy reunion in the desert.  We hurried into the show site and walked around looking for the chair - no luck - but I did manage to find out who makes it, so I'll track it down on line.

Nothing lost though, we have our beautiful site, friends to catch up with, dogs to enjoy and another Silly Al's wondeful pizza.

Paul plays with the dogs while Nina gives Dave a MiFi tutorial

what a view out Beluga's windshield

Back to yesterday at Parker.....We played 9 holes at a super golf course called Emerald Canyon.  Good name for the place, it is literally carved out of the surrounding mountains and canyons.  It was an absolutely delightful course for both of us.  Dave said it was an extremely challenging one with narrow fairways, on some holes maybe only 25 yards wide, and the beautiful Arizona desert coming right up to the greens.  It was in perfect condition, emerald green grass highlighted against the red canyons.  Lots of wildlife and the flowers were beginning to come to life again.   We only played 9 holes because our tee time was later in the day, but neither of us can wait to try the whole course next time.   Dave played well, one of his better scores.

after the first three fairly normal holes, we headed for this tunnel under route 95 and the next 3 holes....

the other side of the tunnel
4th fairway to the right, 6th to the left (the hardest hold on the course)

Dave walking back to the tee after determining his "target"
the "target" - 5th green, about 150 feet below the tee...holy s hit!

lush grass bumps right into rock walls
As I was sitting in the trolley while Dave was putting, I felt like someone was watching me.  No one else around, but I had that feeling.  I looked behind me and this Roadrunner was standing there silently, watching me.  I slowly reached for the camera, trying not to spook him away.  I got the shot, whew.   He must be paid to pose for tourists, because he walked slowly along side me, stopping to look at me every few steps, as if to make sure I got the perfect picture.   I did!

ever get the feeling that someone is watching you?

what a beauty he was

I know this picture is out of focus, but I was so thrilled to finally get a picture of this Phainopepla I had to show you.
Have you ever seen one of these Robin?

so beautiful and so nasty

So, thats all for our golf outing,  another wonderful afternoon together.


  1. Looks like another wonderful day being retired!

  2. Ooooh...I want to drive my horse on that golf course. We could have such a nice trot around! Beautiful ...and a cute little roadrunner to boot! Yes, he is definitely a model! Put there and paid probably to look good and stay still so tourists can post his picture on their blogs! Thanks for giving us a look at where you are now!

    Meanwhile, back at the NY ranch we've got 4 inches of snow while north of Avon was bare at 4:30am when Geneva flew off towards New Zealand! Maybe that's why that emerald green course looked so very appealing!

  3. Sue, regarding your chair search. Here are the ones that we ordered online and are pretty comfy! See you at Catalina in a few weeks. Hans

  4. I am not a golfer but I still get a kick out of seeing those pools of green grass among the rocks! What a setting to play in!