Thursday, January 17, 2013


Weather is warming up nicely.   It was 74 degrees today and we love it, actually I think its the perfect temperature for anything.

After lunch we ran a few errands then headed to La Jolla to see the harbor seals that congregate at the "children's pool" there.  We visited with Jesse and Erin during their Christmas visit, but none of us had cameras.   That time there were probably 50 seals basking in the sand and on the rocks.   It has become a nursery of sorts and the seals are protected by law
protected cove called the Children's Pool
This time, when we had a camera and there were only a few other spectators, no seals on the sand and only 9 or 10 sunning themselves on the rocks at the end of the cove.   No matter, it was still fun to watch them honk, and scratch themselves, and snore and stretch and drag themselves around.

the water is so clear and blue, its almost like an aquarium

these pelicans were enjoying their snooze in the sun too

A large male  basking on an island off the cove

Mother Nature has given the seals perfect camouflage when they're on the rocks and most vulnerable

check out those curly whiskers

I didn't know they had taiils

sheer contentment
We left the coastal road and drove up into La Jolla village to stroll and window shop before our dinner reservations.   Tom told us about a knock-out old school restaurant he used to frequent, so that was our destination.  The Manhattan is inside a cool old hotel called The Empress.  White table cloths, fresh red roses on the tables, tuxedoed waiters  and incredible, traditional food.  A great end to a great day.

this restaurant came highly recommended

table side entertainment!
Tomorrow I'll tell you about a scary day in Elba and where we're headed next.


  1. I can't possibly wait to hear about "scary day in Elba???/" What happened? "No fair to leave us on the cliff!!!"

  2. I agree with Cindy...a cliff hanger ending...noo!

    Love those adorable seals:)

    Fancy dinner you had!