Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wednesday - Burros and the Bridge

The actual London Bridge, moved stone by stone and reassembled here over Lake Havasu
Don't ask me why though, tourist attraction probably....

steep stairs leading from road surface down to the water

the underside of the bridge is lined with these interesting bank swallow nests
they all look like potential muppet characters to us

I tried to cut out all the junk shops, jet ski rental places, Hawaiian Shave Ice stores, tee shirt shops, etc. from these pictures.   It was a hard job.
So, now you've seen what the London Bridge looks like in Arizona.   As far as we're concerned, no reason to come back to Lake Havasu City, period.....

On our way home we decided to take the golf shop lady's advice and cross over Parker Dam and drive along the California side of the Colorado River back to Parker.   Why not, my phone is displaying California time anyway!
narrow road across the top of Parker Dam.   here one side of the river is California and the other is Arizona

sounds interesting....hope we see some!

first two burros we saw were grazing on some freshly irrigated grass along a golf course, not on the road
I made Dave slam on the brakes and we pulled over to watch the two young burros grazing.   As soon as they saw us on the other side of the road, they slowly stopped eating and started walking straight toward us.

I was worried they'd get hit by a car, crossing, but I gather they're fairly street savy and have done this before...
geez ,more tourists to satisfy

so sweet and calm - this guy looked at us quite a while before he and his buddy decided to cross the center line and get a better look

don't you just love his red crew cut!

he all but tapped on the window....his breath fogged the glass
When these two realized there wasn't any food coming forth, they slowly ambled away down the road and back to the golf course grass.   I won't bore you with all the pictures I took yesterday, but here are just a few more.  Cindy, you'll have to get your mom to the computer to see these pictures....
the wood posts were perfect height for scratching on
this guy doesn't look like a burro at all, more like a small mule, don't you think Cindy P?

this youngster was so intent on his chin scratching I think I could have gone right up to him

what a face....
Tired of Burro pictures?   Sorry, but I couldn't resist them,   You'll be happy to know that there were many more that didn't make the cut.   We were so glad we decided to take that little detour from Arizona to California.

Today we played golf at an interesting course in Parker, Emerald Canyon golf course.  Pictures tomorrow, I don't want to press my luck with the Google G ods.


  1. Those guys were sweet-natured and friendly. They must have many guests who look at them and take pictures. Thanks for the snaps, Sue! Pat will love that!!!! Do they have many predators out there?

  2. Nope, not tired of those adorable animals. Next time take them a treat!

  3. That was me, Mary H.

  4. Love the burro pictures! So cute:)