Tuesday, June 24, 2014

busy week ahead

....and I'm tired.   We're alternating work with play, more work than play but who's counting?

Its lovely having friends at the lake site, we can take our gins over and enjoy happy hour by the water with lovely conversation.     Our "tenants" feel sorry for us and extend dinner invitations often, so nice.   They don't mind us bringing the dogs along so its good for us all.    The last time we were there, Lewis's ball drifted away in the lake.    He was crestfallen but took it like a "man" and accepted the situation.

Days passed and Pam once again invited us over to try her famous noodle Paella.   As we all sat on the deck, enjoying our pre dinner happy hour, the heretofore lost tennis ball floated quietly into view.      Where was it all this time?    Who cares?     It was back and that was all that Lewis cared about.   Pam, John and I took turns throwing it from the upper deck to the lake level, over and over.   Lewis's favorite game.   Pam and I didn't do a very good job though, causing Lew to throw himself into the daylillies in search of the badly thrown ball.   He didn't mind, and we all laughed and laughed.  

The Noodle Paella was yummy, thanks Pam.    Over dessert, we made plans to play together just a bit.   Monday we'd drive west to Niagara Falls and Niagara-on-the-Lake and on Thursday we'll play 18 holes, check out the local Farmer's Market and have supper (hots/ burgers) at the Charcoal Corral in Perry, NY for their classic car night.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch.....we discovered a new friend had moved in.

Carolina Wren cases the joint

bringing in building materials

the chosen site


So, today is Tuesday, I've got pictures of our adventure to Niagara Falls and Niagara-on-the-Lake, but I'll have to wait a bit to show them to you.   I'm off to bed, its been another long day.


  1. I hear laughter and feel Lew's excitement as he plays with you'll. Those wrens really know how to case a spot, they also liked a spot near our slides. Unfortunately by the time they are done, we leave their house in shambles and drove off.
    One day we would also like taste that noodle paella, Pam are you reading this?

  2. You have eggs cool!! They are all different colors:)

  3. I know how Lewis feels....a missing sock reappeared in the dryer yesterday :-). Sounds like your tenants are making sure you're not working too hard, bless them! That wren found a lovely place to call home, such a little cutie.

  4. Escapes to the lake must be a welcome respite. Funny about Lewis's tennis ball reappearing.

    Pam's noodle paella sounds like a real treat. I will have to ask her for the recipe as traditional paella is one of my favorite dishes.

    Love the way you documented the little wren story and her well-chosen nesting spot.