Monday, June 9, 2014

sunday and monday

This picture is apropos of nothing, but I found it in the pasture and couldn't resist photographing him (or her.....).    Not dead - it flew up and away out of sight after I took its picture.    Lucky me.

Sunday afternoon we went to our dear friend's new (to them) home in Penfield, a suburb of Rochester.      We haven't seen them since we left town last fall and while we were gone they sold their home and moved into this beautiful new one (were they trying to hide from us?).     They just returned from a cruise to Alaska so we had plenty to talk about, yak yak yak.    Over delicious lunch we caught up and picked their brains.    Robin and Tom are a wealth of information on realtor's tactics, reliable movers, furniture consignment shops (good and bad), where to shred stuff we don't want to throw out, etc., etc..    The afternoon flew by.

Tom and Dave's real estate talk bores little Remy

Monty isn't interested in the topic either

Dave explains our blueprints to Tom and Robin

Today, Monday, Sasha had a visit from a new (to us)  craftsman.    Mr. David's A-1 Medical Appliance Reconstruction Group sent their most clever and compassionate associate to help modify her newly applied lampshade......

Sasha waits in line for the man to work his miracle.    He politely avoided mentioning the condition of the workshop we provided.    We're using it to stage things we want to donate to Goodwill.

He worked and worked until he whittled it down to a more comfortable size and then trimmed the cut ends with duct tape for a more finished and attractive edge.

Ah, that's better

All's well that ends well - zzzzzzzz

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  1. Mr David is really a jack of all trades. And Sasha seemed contented with Mr Dave's creation.