Friday, June 20, 2014

Golf with friends

Two more days of golf.    They are driven to perform.  Livingston Country Club's course is deceptively difficult and it makes them crazy.

Tuesday was very hot and very humid.  The course is at the top of a hill looking west across the Genesee Valley and we watched some pretty hefty thunderstorms develop and move towards us.   Pam kept an eye on her phone's radar and we kept our eyes on the sky.  Perhaps that was the problem......

John's caddy provided a cooling towel for his head

By the 6th hole we decided to take cover and wait out the thunder.   Dave felt we'd be OK and that the cell would split and go around us but we hid out for a few minutes under a tent at the club house just in case.    The sky was very  black and the rain began to spit.   I called Geneva and asked her to run up to the farm to close all the windows I'd left wide open.

He was right.  The storm never materialized over Geneseo and we were back out on the course in just a few minutes.    Rochester and its eastern suburbs, however, got the full impact with power poles and trees down.   Lucky us!    The oppressive heat didn't break for the rest of the day and the guys were dragging by 15.  It was a tough day.

  I bet they hate me following them around with the camera waiting for an "interesting" picture.....sorry guys, its fun for me.

Pam and I didn't feel like cooking dinner, so we picked up pizza and ate lakeside.  A good place to be in the heat.    The dogs enjoyed the lake as well.   Lewis had a wonderful time in the cool water until his tennis ball drifted out of his "reach".   Since he wasn't in a swimming mood that day, he stood and screamed at it to come back.   It did not and hasn't been seen or heard from since.

Hey!  dinner's ready, come on up....

Sasha sports new headgear that is less restrictive than the lampshade
As you can see, she approves of the change

Thursday was a much better day.   It was cool and clear and they tackled the game with fresh enthusiasm.

 They took no chances, however, and bowed reverently to the Golf Gods before setting out.  It worked - no rain, no thunder and a fairly good round for them both.

watch out for the traffic John!


Seemingly lost balls were found and played, pars were made (I won't tell you who though)  and the the round ended in record time.   A good day.  Afterward we headed to our respective homes, got cleaned up and met again for dinner at the Lower Mill's Rabbit Room.   Mmmmm, it was really good.  No pictures, we were all too busy eating.

Today, Friday, Pam and John took advantage of the lovely day and had a nice hike on the Gorge trail at Letchworth State Park.     Dave and I went back to our painting, repairing, mowing, organizing, packing and garage sale prep. duties.    Can't have fun every day can we?

Dave rehangs closet doors


  1. Sue, I forgot to mention that I have been sending those thunderstorms every afternoon from North Carolina.
    I like all your candid pictures especially where the guys are praying for better weather. And they looked like brothers in the other picture. Nice job.

  2. You four are sure living a boring, oppressive life!

  3. Nice that Mr. David's Weather Predicting Service was spot on. Poor Louis :-(........ I agree the guys look like brothers or at least teammates in matching uniforms! So great to have all this fun - you deserve some downtime while getting all the work done around the farm. Hope you get some relief from the humidity soon.

  4. We were commenting just yesterday that it was a bit humid here in Oregon, first humidity we've felt in months. BUT, I can bet it is nowhere near the humidity you are experiencing...makes me sweat and go limp from fatigue just thinking about your kind of humidity!

  5. It's hard to mske golf photos interesting, but you manage to do it. You were all lucky to miss a big storm out on the course.

    John and Dave look more like twins from afar in their similar outfits.

    My dogs are jealous of the lakeside fun. We are hoping to spend some time at a cabin on a lake in Oregon where they can swim.

    With the house on the market, your work list must be nearly complete, no? Have you considered an auction vs. garage sale? I ended up selling almost all of our big items on Craigslist. The dreaded garage sale brought in much less money than we hoped.