Thursday, October 2, 2014

Fall musings

happy hour seats with a view

fall's color continue to amaze me

We're going to pay for these last few weeks of perfect fall weather, I just know it.    We're reveling in the warmth and stunning colors mother nature has given us.    We have to store these memories for the cold and dreary months ahead.

The sun seems to energize us, Dave is working happily on projects on his list and I'm busy hoeing out and throwing away things from every cupboard and drawer.

Full trailer loads to the dump (ahem....the Town Recycling Center) aren't glamorous, but they are satisfying.

Hauling loads of hay and digging fence posts remind us of the good old days and our muscles remember the rhythm of farm work.     We picked up hay to spread on the bare dirt around the cottage's construction perimeters.     The chaff it contains should germinate this fall and help  to stabilize the raw ground.

Dave was able to put up the last few fence posts he had removed for the construction equipment to pass through.

Thoughts of the open road have Dave spiffing up Beluga.  He's painting sun faded extremities and dragging his feet on the winterizing tasks he knows he needs to start soon.   Sigh.

The sunsets over the valley  are still  quite spectacular.

Tomorrow evening we'll host a happy hour for Geneva on the eve of her departure for an internship near Tucson.    Margarita's are chilling in the freezer......


  1. Lovely view of the lake:) Good to hear you are having a beautiful fall.

    Putting down hay and putting up the fence posts must mean the outside work is complete.

    Good to see Beluga preparing for her next big adventure!!

    Tell Geneva good luck in Tucson!

  2. Loved the picture of happy hour at the lake relaxing. And stop saying that we're all gonna pay for this glorious fall weather!!!! No we're not and, if we do have to pay, we can always take a flight out to AZ and visit G-Girl.

  3. Your happy hour view is lovely. Everything seems to be coming together nicely in your quest to transition to RV/Cottage living...slowly but surely...

  4. Even all the hard work seems wonderful in that beautiful setting. I mean if you have to dig post holes, you might as well do it beside a gorgeous lake! Another surreal sunset - something we never see here in the 'burbs :-( Enjoy your lovely Fall - long or short, today it's awesome!