Tuesday, October 7, 2014


We're getting punchy.    We need a little Beluga trip to bring ourselves back to reality don't you think?    Good, I agree.    Next week we'll head off to Ohio, to the Amish area around Mt. Eaton, for just one last little outing before we winterize (gasp) her.

Lewis really needs a hair cut.   It has been difficult to make an appointment with Mr. David's Mobile Poodle Grooming and Hair Salon this fall.   He keeps putting us off and the shaggy hair on the top of Lewis' s head is starting to remind us of a drink coaster or woven placement.   Hmmmm, could we use it to hold our second cup goodies?

they're going to use me for a table, I just know it......

Finally we got a response to our repeated phone calls and Mr. David pulled into the driveway just before lunch.  Not a minute too soon, Lewis was beginning to lose patience with our antics.   Sasha wants us to get a life also.  

a juicy piece of ham on sleeping Sasha's nose

We were excited to see that Mr. David brought a new, time saving device for us to try.  It was a raised Booster Bath Tub for Dogs and Lewis was the first to try it.   What a good boy he is, he hopped right up and assumed the position.

lets get this over with

Mr. David set to work and in no time at all, Lewis was washed, dried and trimmed to his usual exacting specifications.

 He'd had enough photographs for the day so you'll have to take my word for how handsome he looked at the end of his spa treatments.

Tonight's sunset didn't manifest itself in the west, it blushed shyly across the street, in the eastern sky.


  1. Those poor puppies!! Lewis looks totally disgusted with you with that silly plate on his head! And poor Sasha...all she wants to do is rest. Yes, you are getting punchy! Good you are hitting the rode for a few days:) What fun!

    Boy, Lewis really needed a haircut. Good to see you finally got an appointment with Mr. David. John said that Mr. David still isn't cutting his hair even with that fancy tub:)

    Speaking of the fancy tub...aren't you suppose to be down sizing! Which storage bay will the tub go into?

    Have a wonder trip!!

  2. Now don't listen to Pam - that tub must come with you so Tessa can book an appointment with Mr. David when we meet up on the road! It's very cool :-) Yes, you need some Beluga time so the dogs don't have to put up with you anymore - poor things!
    Pretty cotton candy sky :-)

  3. You clearly have way too much free time on your hands. Now, off you go Ohio. And no more putting Ham on lovely Ms. Sasha's nose while she's sleeping@!!!!