Thursday, October 16, 2014


I can't remember a more beautiful fall.   The leaves are practically florescent and the air is crisp and clear.    I don't know how to "enhance" my photos, so what you see from me is what I see.....

crimson sumac and milkweed pods

Nations Road

Dave's back is getting better daily so we've rescheduled our Ohio trip for the last week of October.   I'm really looking forward to it.   You know you've got the travel bug bad when passing an empty Walmart parking lot causes pangs of homesickness.  

Wednesday we took the entire day to just do what we pleased, pretty much like we do when we're on the road.  We had a long and pleasant second cup, went out for lunch and then did some sightseeing.  Turn here, turn there, wherever our hearts took us.  We  bought crisp apples and pumpkins.   We stopped to sample a cone of pumpkin frozen custard.   Days like this are the unsung gems of life on the road.   Nothing HAS to be done, with a few rare exceptions.   You are able to do what you please, when you please.   Sigh....

As we followed the dirt roads through the valley, we came across a field filled with hundreds of sheep.    I've never seen them here before, usually these large fields are filled with cows or horses.   As we stopped by the side of the road to photograph them, they turned to watch us, bleating a welcome.

field of sheep behind a coop

To top the day off, we met Cindy P and Walter at the cottage for happy hour.   A sudden rain shower chased us off our chairs on the shore and up to the unfinished porch.    It was our first happy hour there!

A quick update on a previous post.    The lady long rider, Bernice Ende, has reached one of her goals - the Atlantic Ocean!    Her two mares were cautious but curious and willingly walked down the wet beach,     They plan to winter inland a bit, near Saratoga Springs, NY before heading back across the country to their home in northeast Montana.   Check her out at

Spirit contemplates her first steps on the Atlantic beach near Wells, Maine.

watchful Lewis


  1. Ah, the beauty of being retired in the lovely get to do your touring on a Wednesday! Even though you aren't on the road, you really are in a beautiful place!

  2. Short of moving Beluga to the Walmart parking lot for the night, I think your local road day was a pretty great replica! We have no fall color yet so I'm especially loving your pics. Thanks for the update on Bernice - quite the milestone! Lewis is so handsome - I'm sure he's looking for Auntie Pam :-)

  3. So glad you got to leave everything behind for the day and just do what you love you do:) The leaves are gorgeous. We saw on the news that the colors in the east are very vibrant this year because of an early frost. Love those reds!

    How nice to have a Happy Hour on the new porch!!! Looks like a "happy" group:)

    My boy looking dapper in his new cut:)

  4. I chuckled reading your Walmart comment…but you now you got the best of two world this time around. Im seeing lots of colors when we were at Fayetteville, AR but not as crisps as yours.
    Thanks for the update on Bernice Ende the most adventurous person I know so far.