Monday, November 17, 2014

just in time

This weekend, the weather "forecasters"  warned us that lake effect snow was coming....There were a few last outside jobs that needed to be done before snow fell including the final gutter cleaning on the house.  The leaves on the top were dry, the ones underneath were icy....Dave's fingers were frozen when he came in for lunch.

the two supervisors

We needed to figure out where Beluga will park at the lake so we could move and replace dog fencing there.

Beluga's spot marked out in left over lumber

Fence posts needed to be removed and then replaced in their new configuration before the ground freezes and Dave can no longer dig.  

digging fence posts by hand is a real back breaker
We didn't get everything done, but we're hoping (yes, hope springs eternal) there will be another above freezing day to finish the jobs.    Dave is a real trooper, working all day in the cold with aching back and stiff hands.   I helped where I could, but my best contribution to the day was a hearty roast beef and homemade noodle dinner topped off with hot apple betty and ice cream.

 The weather people were right this time.   As we left the lake at the end of a long day of work outdoors, the western sky  showed us what was coming....

snow clouds overtaking the sunsset

This morning we awoke to the predicted snow...

More is on the way.   Tomorrow will bring 8-12 more inches with wind chills making it feel like 8 degrees.    Brrrr... 


  1. Sue, I can't read any more posts like this. It breaks my heart to think of you four there in that freezing weather knowing that you and Beluga want to go to warmer places. Brrr, is right! I am sure Dave very much appreciated that yummy dinner and desert after a hard days work in the cold. Those are the best supervisors ever:)

  2. Seems the weather is a mixed blessing - anything that makes you have to stop digging post holes is a good thing! Of course, they're still out there waiting to be dug :-( Your place looks just as beautiful in the snow - wonderful pumpkin pic. I've worked for supervisors who looked just like that..........

  3. I admire Dave for working in the cold and with some ailments too. Perhaps his mind too was on the reward afterwards, a hardy meal for a hard working man.
    Oh my, the snow. Everytime I hear about inches of snow dumped in NY I think of you guys. Hope Beluga is safe from the white stuff. Keep warm and stay warm.
    But love all the snow pics.