Wednesday, November 5, 2014


This week we've been taking care of business and battening down the hatches for what is sure to come sooner than later - winter.

Mr. David's Home Maintenance Group had things well in hand, he sent his best worker out to empty Beluga of all things liable to freeze or be eaten by mice.      Once that was taken care of he donned his high Muck boots and spent time washing the road grime off  Beluga before bedding her down in the Morton building for her long winter's sleep.   Sigh....

We're having another open house on Sunday so I called Mr. David's Lawnmowing and Leaf Removal Service to remove the tons of maple leaves that have fallen.  Fall is beautiful, but it leaves a ruddy mess!      Today was very windy and I thought it would be a good day to take care of this nasty fall job.       One man climbed a tall ladder to empty the gutters while the rest mowed, plowed, blew and raked the leaves to the huge truck vacuum.   In a few hours we were leaf free!   We look forward to not looking forward to this job in the future.

vacuum working in the front yard

beautiful fall leaves are not so beautiful when they're on the ground.......


  1. WOW, that is some leaf drop! I've never experienced a leaf loss of more than two liquid amber trees...that was great fun as a kid! But what you have looks like so much more than that...I understand your wish to not have to deal with it again!

  2. I was really worried there for a minute and thought poor Mr. David was going to have to do all those leaves alone! Glad he had lots of help to get those leaves moved. Boy, this is a job we (John) don't miss at all!!

    Good luck Sunday!! So praying you get results real soon:)

  3. I will never complain about all our leaves again (well, not as much)! But I'm envious of Mr David's big vacuum truck - he's truly a professional! Funny how we view chores through the "never again" lens. We love our yard but can't wait to never have to mow and rake it ever again, and I will miss my jetted-tub but to never clean the thing again sounds like heaven :-) Let's both get great offers this weekend! We can celebrate over a virtual glass of wine on Sunday evening :-)))))