Saturday, November 22, 2014


I'm sure you've all heard how bad the snow has been here in the east.   Poor Buffalo and the south towns got hammered, record snows, the NYS thruway closed for many days, roofs collapsing under their load of snow, people stranded in their homes.

Luckily we're just far enough east of the Lake Erie lake effect belt that we didn't have the devastation.  We did, however, have more than enough for me.....The dogs are adjusting to the white stuff in their own very different ways.

ice balls
Lewis loves the snow and the way it makes his ball and/or fish bounce unpredictably.  He loves the way it hides them.  He loves the way the snowballs melt in his mouth.   He loves the feel of it, the look of it, he LOVES it.  He loves how he can push it with his nose to cover up Sasha's poop...... He comes in completely covered in hard white snowballs that melt and drop everywhere.   They form on his legs, his belly, his long beautiful ears...He loves it!!!!!!   Me, not so much.

comfort is at the top of this old girl's list

Sasha doesn't really care for the snow.   She wanders all the way to the end of the yard looking for that "special" spot, then realizes that her delicate little feet are frozen, that she can't possibly stand on them, they're just too cold.   Help me Dave, I can't walk.   How will I get back to the house?   Once safely back inside, she prefers to lay in the hall with her belly to the heat run, soaking up every possible btu.

Dave has found a few woodworking jobs that can be done in the basement while old man winter visits.

the master woodworker ponders his next move

tis summer no more

We're not letting this snow keep us down.  Thursday night we tucked in behind a school bus so we could follow its lights through the whiteout conditions.   We had dinner reservations at the Rabbit Room don't you know......a little snow can't keep us from our favorite restaurant!


  1. It makes me way too cold to reading this. Brrr! Glad at least one of you is loving the snow. I can just see the big snowman all covered with little snow balls. I see Sasha doesn't have a heated runway yet!! Poor old girl!

    Love the photo of the snow balls stacked on the stick!!

    Glad you didn't let the snow keep you from dinner at the Rabbit Room. What did you have? That was such a neat place and the food was outstanding:)

  2. Your dogs couldn't be more different if they tried! They are sure are cute in their own special ways.

    As a SoCal girl I sure would love to visit snow...but I wouldn't want to deal with the mess that hit the East this past week! Stay safe!

  3. Love this post :-) It's probably a good thing that Lewis isn't white - you might not find him out there. Sasha is a hoot with that heater. They are both such a joy in their own way, even with the melting snow puddles and the smell of wet dog getting heated! The basement walls look like it has very cool bedrock walls. The snow-totem-pole is wonderful, while the drive looks very precarious. Glad you've missed the brunt of that lake-effect :-)

  4. I was thinking of you and wondering if you were in trouble with all the snow. I'm with Lewis...I LOVE SNOW! But, I wouldn't want more than a couple of feet at a time. Is Florida calling?

  5. I so feel for those folks in the Buffalo area and glad you didn't get totally slammed. Sasha just makes me laughwith her belly to the heaters and my poodles adore the snow as well.