Thursday, November 5, 2015


If you don't like to look at horses, skip this blog won't like it.

After a lazy morning, Dave and I went in search of horses.    We took the road right outside of our campground, Dillon Road, because it skirted the north side of this busy valley and took us through the desert.    I think the real reason is that Dave loves to drive on this road.

The pavement is fairly smooth but this road is like a roller coaster.   Short, rolling hills allow seasonal or flood waters to flow across without pooling and causing accidents.  Dave gets a demonic smile on his face as he drives up and down those dips.   Its a good thing I don't get car sick...

Our destination was the HITS Desert Horse Park in Thermal.   After following a few detours (road construction) we arrived at this 230 acre horse show venue.

We drove around the barn area a while, looking for the active show rings.

tired, sweaty horses get a nice bath

There appear to be at least 14 rings, and some for warming up and practice.

the horse show grounds are next to the airport...
Dave divides his attention between horses and planes.

  We knew nothing about which horses would be here, or what kind of classes would be presented for that matter.   We didn't care.   We stood and watched whatever horses went past the ring, in the schooling ring, walking to and from the fabulous stabling, wherever.   I'm a real pushover and am happy just being near them.

one stable's display of ribbons won
1st place - blue, 2nd place - red, 3rd place - yellow etc.

quietly hand grazing between classes

snoozing ringside

We eventually found the "important" ring and were able to watch the last jump off round of the horse that ended up winning the $65,000 Sun Classic.....

We stood in the spectator viewing area with people mostly connected to the horses in the ring.   Week days are not big days for spectators at horse shows.  I had to laugh because each and every one of those people was "riding" along with the horse currently in the ring.    They, as one, leaned in one direction or the other, "clucked" their mouths simultaneously to encourage the horse at a big or difficult fence and winced and oooooh'd together at a mistake or an almost mistake.    Horse people are an intense group.

Another nice sunset greeted us when we returned home.


  1. The horses are beautiful:) I am sure you and Dave were in a little bit of heaven riding around and watching the show;)

  2. Oh I love this! What a beautiful day to see all those beautiful horses. I didn't know Thermal has such a big venue and now I have to go! I can see the spectators "riding along" - so funny!

  3. Lucky day...and what a relaxing way to pass an afternoon.

  4. I Love learning the intricacies of horse life from you since I know nothing about these beautiful animals!