Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Busy day.    We went into the tiny Farmer's Market in Borrego Springs and picked up a few things before packing up Beluga and moving to our new site.

After we settled in and ate lunch we joined Pam and John for a little off road fun in search of the Pumpkin Patch.

some rough spots

We had a map, but it wasn't very easy to read and there weren't too many landmarks to guide our way, but we had fun.

Dave helps John negotiate a few large rocks in the road

Which way do we go?   This way, that way?  We came to a fork in the road and we took it!

Some trails were dead ends, but mostly we made progress in the right direction.
The scenery was stark and beautiful and intriguing.   I enjoyed myself immensely.

Five Palms

Eventually we found the correct trail and arrived at the Pumpkin Patch.

The area has been fenced off to protect these fragile concretions from the OHV traffic prevalent in the area.

We took well used OHV and ATV trails on our way back to S22.  We came across someone who was either stupid or inexperienced or totally oblivious.   He was driving a rental motorhome through the desert on these rough, twisty, rocky, narrow and rutted trails.   He was going too fast for the conditions and the rig was bouncing and tipping crazily from side to side.    We could only imagine what the inside looked like when he finally found the perfect spot to stop and camp!     I wonder if El Monte RV knows where their vehicles really go when they hand over the keys.....

Another interesting sunset tonight, but not in the west.


  1. What fun! Many years ago I went ATVing in the Ocotillo Wells area often and I remember the Pumpkin Patch very well. Such a neat place. And swooshing through those curvy mud hill is a blast!

  2. Oh we definitely have to do that trip - love the road and the views and the bubbles on the wall and the pumpkins (they remind me of those rocks at Crowley Columns). Lovely clouds!

  3. The pumpkin patch looks so cool! And now, for some pumpkin pie…..Happy Thanksgiving! :-)

  4. Okay that was totally fascinating about the Pumpkin Patch. Thanks for the sign as I would have never guessed that is how they were created. As for the rental RV - it seems people think if it is a rental it doesn't matter where they take it. When we were on Vancouver Island getting wayyyy back in the wilds on roads I wasn't comfortable on with the van - low and behold there was a bunch of Swedes in their rental RV. Have NO idea how they got in in (or out) in one piece!