Friday, November 20, 2015

pleasant last day in the Palm Springs area

McCormick's Classic Car Auction in Palm Springs is where we spent the afternoon.

We've been there before and shown you pictures before, so I won't bore you with very many this time.

1957 Buick restomod

 It was a beautiful, sunny, warm day and we enjoyed strolling among the row after row of classic cars to be sold during the 3 day auction.

Some of the cars were stunning, some were quirky, some were rough, some were collector cars, and some took us down memory lane.    There were Ferrari's, Corvettes, Bentley's, Rolls, old and new Mercedes, MG's, a vintage Austin who started its life as a British taxi, street rods, vintage Chevy's, Pontiacs, Cadillacs, rat rods, resto mods, Austin Healeys, tricked out Jeeps, on and on.

interesting side mirror detail on this cool rat rod

down my memory lane......

under the hood of a hemi Barracuda
that will probably sell for near a million dollars.

fun house mirrors in chrome

The dry desert air and the strong sunshine combined to make everything shine and sparkle.    Of course, my eye was drawn to our reflections in the chrome and perfect paint jobs....indulge me.

Siamese Suzi and twin Pams

see me standing in front of that green Austin Healey?

When we'd had our fill, we stopped for lunch at my favorite pizza place - Bill's.
The pies were delicious, as usual, and on the way back to our car we strolled down N. Palm Canyon Drive looking in the glitzy windows and reading the stars on the sidewalk.  

A few mundane stops on the way home, a very pleasant happy hour with Nina, Polly and Armando and our day was over.    Time flies when you're having fun!

Tomorrow morning it's slides in, jacks up, engine started and we're off to Borrego Springs.


  1. I enjoyed all the Fun House photos:) A great last day!

  2. I never knew Pam was so famous! ;-)

    Fun reflection shots!

  3. Dave is so badass - he really needs that Jeep! Love the reflections, what fun shots you got. The palm trees look like part of the paint job. Nice to see Pam getting her due recognition :-)))) Hope this dang wind is gone for your drive today!

  4. Haha, those do look like funhouse photos! Looks like you guys had a blast, as always. :-)