Saturday, January 16, 2016

End of the week

Here it is Saturday already.   We're leaving Naco and Turquoise Valley Golf Course and RV Park in the morning, heading back to Tucson.

We've had a splendid time here, most days playing golf and eating out.   Friday we took a day off from our usual routine of taking turns whacking the little white ball, walking a long way, whacking the little white ball, looking for the little white ball, walking, throwing hands in the air, the holding of heads, a few choice words, writing numbers with a tiny pencil, then repeating the whole process at least 18 times.

 We went into Bisbee to just look around.   It was cloudy and windy and quite cold.

 I'll let these pictures give you a flavor of the town.   Word of warning - there are a lot of pictures.....

Lavender Pit
 a enormous former open pit copper mine on the way into Bisbee

At one time Bisbee was the largest city between St. Louis and San Francisco

Every fall, October I think, Bisbee hosts its Bisbee 1000 The Great Stair Climb, drawing thousands of people to climb the old, deteriorating stairs in the city.    They were built by the WPA following old Copper Mine mule paths that wound up and through the area.     I venture to say that there are more than 1000 steps leading to precariously perched houses and cottages.

There is a map that leads you to all the staircases and street connections used in the event, but we didn't have it.   Nor did we want to climb the stairs in the cold wind.

We continued our walk and auto hike around town.

One night we had dinner at Screaming Banshee Pizza, housed in a renovated gas station.    Wood fired pizza's and pastas decorated with unusual art work.

portrait of the screaming banshee
looking down on Dave

view from below

corner gate

interesting fence

The sky finally began to clear as we pointed the jeep toward the mountains in Mexico and we had a decent sunset as a result.

Today we took care of a few of necessary domestic chores and played 18 great holes before having an absolutely lovely dinner at Cafe Roka.    Perfect end to a wonderful week.


  1. The weather man had pity on you after a week of delay and snow in Benson. Finally your shortened week stay ended wonderfully.
    See you soon.

  2. I just love a quirky town. You know, hiking those steps just might have warmed you up! ;-)

  3. Great little tour of Bisbee...Joe and I definitely to check it out! Love the homes on the hillside with the snow.

    1. Forgot to long will you b in Tucson. We arrive on Feb 1.

  4. You found some great things we missed in Bisbee - guess we'll just have to go back and find them :-) Love the corner gate and the "brick" opening, and of course Dave under the Banshee! Safe travels to Tucson today - looks like more wonderful weather is waiting for you there :-))

  5. Definitely can't have too many photos of Bisbee! So fun to see it through your lens. Those stairs are so much fun -- and yes, I think there are many more than 1,000….