Monday, January 11, 2016

Monday in Naco

Yep.....that is a sunrise.    You know I don't normally see them, sleeping in is one of my favorite pastimes.     Our front furnace was not blowing hot air Saturday  night and subconsciously listening for it all night didn't allow us to fall into a good deep sleep.        We had to leave our site in Benson by 11 a.m. so we just decided to get up early and get to it.

The week's snow was still on the Dragoon Mountains and the ever changing sky gave us stunning glimpses.

We just weren't prepared for the cold and wet weather we had in Benson.   It certainly wasn't life changing weather, it wasn't anything we could properly complain about, but we just couldn't bring ourselves to get out and do anything in it.    We sat inside and read, watched tv, fixed a few things, and generally hibernated under our blankies.    Enough of that.

We were looking forward to a week of golf with Pam and John at the Turquoise Valley Golf Course and RV Park in tiny Naco, Arizona.     As we drove south on route 80 through Tombstone and past Bisbee I wondered at the wisdom of that decision.

A week of golf?   In the snow?   What were we thinking in this El Nino winter?

snow covered Bisbee

Ah well, we had plans so we just kept driving through the snowy landscape.   At least the roads were dry, that was something in itself!  

  We arrived in Naco just before noon and were able to fill our propane tank at the rv park.   We hoped that our furnace situation was caused by low levels of LP.    Nope.   Beluga only took 14 gallons so there was another problem.    Luckily she has two furnaces so we weren't frozen, but we needed to get to the bottom of it.    Long story short, after some further investigation, Dave decided that the furnace circuit board was bad so we ordered a new one and it will be here tomorrow!     Its so nice to have one's own personal repairman on board at all times....Thanks Mr. David.

John and Pam pulled in shortly after we did and it was really good to see them again.     Lewis is beside himself.    Sasha Marie is pretty happy too.

the dogs assume the position in front of Gramma Pamma's
full pockets

This morning we opened the front curtains to bright, warm sun and a brilliant blue sky.     Just what we needed.    I think Dave and I have solar batteries and we simply run down without enough sunshine.


 After lunch we all walked across the street to the golf course and were able to play the back 9.     It was determined that the front 9 still had some snow and should remain closed for the day.    We dressed for the weather, not for proper golf course etiquette and we were quite comfortable.

More golf on tap for tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day!


  1. It was a very pretty day:) Glad we were able to get out and each day should get a little better...yes!

  2. Finally!
    The sun will shower you with warmth all week as the boys swings the club and you ladies, well tag along!
    Enjoy you week in the green!

  3. THe snow sure is pretty! Glad you found some sun and enough snow-free land to play on!

  4. Yeah...the weather has decided to cooperate. Have fun.....

  5. Great to see the band back together again! That drive from Tombstone to Bisbee is our friend Donny's commute three days a week - it's so pretty :-) Glad to see Naco's dress code allowed your obvious lack of short pants and argyle.....have a great time!

  6. Haha, I think I have solar batteries, too -- glad you're getting recharged!