Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Wednesday in Naco

The weather is cooperating with us at last.   Its cold in the mornings, like 26 degrees cold, like unhook the exterior water connections to keep from freezing cold, but when the sun comes up the chill recedes.    Its still not hot by any means, but sweatshirts and fleece vests on the golf course keep us toasty.

John tempts fate today and wears shorts

Lewis is enjoying having Gramma Pamma's motorhome right outside his window.   He can see when she and that man of gramma pamma come and go, he keeps a close watch on their door.   They keep a box of treats inside that door.....

Its nice that the golf course is just across the street.   Pam "negotiated" a great deal with the pro shop.....$50 for unlimited golf for the entire week we're here.    We're able to take it easy in the mornings until it warms up a bit and then head over to play after lunch.

see Beluga to Dave's right?

There are patches of snow here and there in the shade, but the course is mostly dry.

We've gone into nearby Bisbee for dinner a few times.  Huge margarita's and great Mexican food at Santiago's and tonight we dined at The Table.    

Bisbee is a quirky little town full of eclectic buildings, shops and a nice little museum.   One of these mornings we'll drive over and just walk around a bit....its been awhile since we've done that.    

one of the hundreds of interesting staircases on Bisbee's curved and hilly streets
Pam wants to do the 1000 stair climb - again.   I don't think we'll join her.


  1. Pam is a negotiator too! I thought she was only the "Queen of the Crested Saguaros." lol

    We would love to get back to Bisbee. What a cute city.

  2. Ha ha, that's an awesome rate Pam negotiated...just like Hans did with a month at the YMCA in Buffalo, WY this summer. Some people just have a knack for that!

  3. We are getting a perfect week here in Naco for golf considering what the previous weather had been. Looks like another good day today:) Life is Good!!

  4. I will be glad when the early mornings stay above 35 again - but you're still colder down there! Oh Lewis.....such a focused young guy :-) Bisbee is such a fun walk-around little town. Although the super-steep stairs are very pretty, they did not inspire me to climb them. Not even once.

  5. So glad you're getting good weather! Looks pretty wonderful -- and so close to one of our all-time favorite towns. We love wandering around Bisbee, hiking the stairs, and exploring every quirky little bizarre artistic corner. We always enjoy an evening at Cafe Roca -- very good food and cozy atmosphere.