Wednesday, March 23, 2016

catch up, part 2

We still have no internet over here at site 24 but John and Pam, next door, do.  While we were at their motorhome for happy hour/viewing of recorded first night of Dancing With The Stars hour, John offered his wifi password so I could reconnect with the outside world.....thanks John (and Pam).

So here is another installment of what we've been doing at Lake Powell, courtesy of the Wrights.

Back to Paria.....

the mesa is eroding slowly to reveal its true inner beauty

The next event of our day was to drive a few miles back towards Lake Powell, park  just off route 89 and walk through the hiker's gate to hike out to see the unusual rock formations called Toadstools.

discussing which trail to follow

a toadstool formation

Dave standing below for perspective on the toadstools size

two old mountain goats

John and Pam beneath two toadstools

can you see tiny Dave in front of the huge alcove?

Pam resting inside the alcove

what we don't do for our photographs
I think this is all I'm going to be able to show you tonight between Johns internet and ours......Here is a preview of our wonderful boat trip on Monday....


  1. It certainly was a special day. I love when we find unexpected beauty:)

  2. "Two old mountain goats," hehe. Bad girl. Love that giant toadstool photo! The colors are fantastic.

  3. Hah! I always call Hans a mountain goat too!