Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Our last stop on our Easter Sunday was to see the Sand Island petroglyphs.    This site is quite near our campground so we saved it for the end of our day.  The BLM has a small campground on the riverside flat, but for a 1000 years before we arrived Native American people camped here and carved drawings into the high, rock cliff near by.

The rock art is easily accessible and we were surprised to find that it hasn't been too badly defaced as a result.  

The panel contains several hundred figures in styles from archaic to more recent Native American and cowboy inscriptions.

The weather hasn't been very nice the past few days.   Yesterday it was cold and rainy, we stayed inside and read and relaxed.

what to do on a rainy day

This morning we had a nice day planned with Pam and John.   More petroglyphs in Butler Wash and the fantastic photo opportunity of the House on Fire mid morning.    The weather guessers predicted 0 chance of precip. so we decided to start off at 10 to catch the proper light at the House.

sigh.....says he

Hmmmmm. We woke up to snow on the ground and snow in the air coupled with  very cold temperatures.  No hiking, no petroglyphs, no House on Fire for us.

We resigned ourselves to second cup inside and another down day.   We  had plenty of things to take care of and phone calls to make so it wasn't so bad.

what to do on a snowy day

The sun made a brief appearance later in the day so we decided to go over to the little museum at Fort Bluff.   Since this was our second last day in the area we thought it was time to visit the visitor center and museum.   We seem to need to experience a place and then find out what we saw....completely opposite of the normal way of doing things, I know.   We always say we're going to do things in the proper order next time, but we never seem to manage it!

Here are a few pictures of the really nice museum.

inside a Navajo hogan


Dave in a Ute teepee

Oh Dave, those lilacs aren't open yet!

There were many displays outside, replica's of early settler's cabins, an original cabin, well, etc. and lots of old photographs inside but I had neglected to charge my camera so I have no more pictures.   My phone, too, was low on battery so
this is all I have from the very good museum, I'm sorry for that.

As we were finishing up our visit, the sky became black and thunder rumbled in the distance.     We drove through heavy rain and groppel on our way to the grocery store in Blanding.   We could see snow falling on the distant mountains.  

Tomorrow is our last day and we really hope this weather has gone by the morning, we've so much left to see!


  1. The good thing is that Bluff should still be around if you pass through again! I am envious of your brief snow but sorry the weather took away a couple of your days there!

  2. We often do things backwards, too. In fact, we've yet to get to the museum in Bluff, even though we've been to the area twice. I'm glad you got to the Sand Island petroglyphs, but sorry you didn't get to House on Fire and Wolfman Panel. Next time, for sure. Lewis certainly is a good role model for relaxing! :-)

  3. Yes, I was waiting for a third picture of Lewis The Couch Potato, saying something like "what to do on ANY day!"

  4. Oh yes, can't wait to follow your footsteps and perhaps we will do it the proper way by going to the VC then explore :)

  5. Wonderful pics of the glyphs! Love all the deer/antelope and the flute player. We've been trying to do the VCs first, but often find ourselves exploring first as well. Lewis is so handsome :-) Hope you got one more day of good weather - there sure is a lot to see there!!