Thursday, October 6, 2016

quick update

Our second day of driving in the wind was stressful and tiring, but not catastrophic.     We arrived at the High Desert RV Park around 3:30 on Tuesday and parked directly in front of our friends Don and Carol.   They are here attending a Monaco Rally at the Balloon Fiesta and they arrived a day early so we could visit a bit before they moved to the Fiesta field with their group.

We met them in Polson, Montana when Dave noticed a motorhome with NYS license plates parked a row in front of us.   He, of course, ended up talking to the man and found out they were from the Rochester area, not far from where we lived.    The rest is history!   We've become friends.  They travel part of the year and are home the rest, we look forward to crossing paths wherever and whenever we can.

After we set up camp and settled Lewis we went back to their coach for happy hour.  Don's brother, Len and his wife, Chris were already there.    I can't tell you how wonderful it was to be welcomed into good friend's home, and to be able to relax and laugh after a long, harried ride.    Thanks Don and Carol.

Len, Chris, Carol and Don
I don't know why Carol is showing you he watermelon....

This will be a quick update because Dave and I had a very early wake up call this morning.

yes, that is 3:45 A.M.

Wendy and James, friends we first met at Mission Bay RV Park (San Diego) in  2012, have a lovely home here and invited us to join them at a Rotary sponsored trip to the Balloon Fiesta.   Another delightful couple we try to see whenever and wherever our paths cross!   Isn't this lifestyle grand?

At any rate, I can barely keep my eyes open right now, but I wanted to show you a few pictures of our morning's adventure.      More to follow.....

a bleary-eyed photograph of Wendy and James.....
 even my camera had trouble focusing at that time of the morning!

inflating balloons jostle for room on the field

Yoda hiding behind Darth


  1. Fortunately you were already awake by the time Yoda and Darth were also just about to be to lifted. Im sure your 345AM wake up call was well worth it.
    Looking forward for more balloon extravaganza.

  2. Hi Wendy and James! Looks like another fun year at the Fiesta!

  3. Oh how fun! Friends and the Balloon Fiesta—what a great combo! We're planning to go back to the festival one of these days....even though the 3:45 wake up calls were rough, it was worth it. Looking forward to seeing it through your eyes! :-)

  4. I think I am a good evening balloon person...haha! Way to go getting up so very early:) The balloons are lovely! What a treat for you two.

    This lifestyle is grand, for sure:) We meet the nicest people along the way. Sounds like lots of fun reconnecting with friends. Enjoy!

  5. You are sure getting around!! Glad this trip was less stressful, and you've had so many good friends to make all of it worth the getting there. Not sure I'd find anything beautiful at that time of the morning, but the balloons are pretty spectacular!