Saturday, October 8, 2016


I think we were lucky to have had the best morning for the balloon fiesta.....since our visit the wind has been a rather constant visitor and that doesn't make for safe balloon flights.       Here are a few more pictures of our wonderful morning with Wendy and James.

first flight to accompany the National Anthem

Wendy has flown balloons (herself!) and gave us interesting
insights and anecdotes

The huge "special shapes" inflating

We've been having a wonderful time getting caught up with friends.   Friday afternoon Ann and David came up from Los Lunas for happy hour here in Beluga and then dinner at Crepe Michel in Old Town Albuquerque.

fresh  ristras for sale

 Yes, I know what you're saying - you ate French food in Albuquerque, a place famous for its fabulous New Mexican cuisine?    What can I say, this restaurant is a favorite of the four of us.     We first met David and Ann and a group of their friends on our motorhome trip to Mexico in 2002 and have stayed in touch since then.    They have a lovely home in an airport community and we've parked Beluga in their driveway in the past.  

David and Ann take a moment from their yummy meals

David is a pilot and an avid golfer.    He's asked Dave to join him at the Isleta Golf Club on Tuesday so we've extended our stay here until Wednesday morning.  Dave rarely passes up a chance to play golf and he always has a great time with  David.

Mystery picture...can you guess what this is?


  1. What a great time with all the beautiful balloons:) How nice to catch up with more friends along the way. Golf! Fun day for Dave...enjoy Tuesday:) Now you have me curious! Can't figure out the photo.

  2. So colorful! Glad you had good weather for the festival—those clouds in the photo with the three balloons make a perfect backdrop. And how fun to catch up with good friends in one of the most interesting places in this country! (Okay, here's my guess: a Lewis curl?)

  3. Curled felt ?
    Colorful and beautiful photos! This even still remains on our bucket list. So glad you could make it this year.
    And Im sure it is worth the 3am wake up call.

  4. Beautiful pics!! I always wonder about all that open flame with the crowds surrounding the filing balloons, but I'm sure they have it all figured out. Love the Toucan peeking around the dragon - how often does one get to say that?! How fun to have a ballooner to share insider information. I'm going with Laurel on Lewis' curl, although it looks like a door handle from one of the dollhouses I saw :-)

  5. I agree, something from Lew! LOL Looks like you are having a super good time and that is all that counts!