Monday, October 3, 2016

Last days in Denver

Today is our last day in the Denver area.   This month has flown by and its "jack's up" in the morning.    I'm sad to be leaving Jesse and Erin, sad to be leaving this beautiful part of the country, but I'm excited to get on the road again, understand?

This morning, Sunday, Jesse took Dave on one of his favorite hikes in the mountains.....his celebration of "dad's day".   They started at Moffatt Tunnel and hiked up to Crater Lakes and Rollins Pass.

  After returning from their hike of a little over 6 miles at between 9,000 and 11,000 feet they capped the morning off with lunch of burgers and beers.     Later on Dave and I went to the house for a last night Pizza dinner and shared our last Oregon Pinot Noir.  Perfect day.

Here are a few odds and ends of our last week.   We got some work done, had some more wonderful dinners out, a "tour" around some of the quirky and interesting neighborhoods in downtown Denver and just enjoyed our surroundings.

second cup in the "laundry room"

Lewis gets a new fluffy

Beluga transforms into a grooming salon in the blink of an eye

Mr. David's A-1 Reliable Plumbing Services made a house call

we took advantage of the inexpensive light rail
service from Littleton into Union Station downtown

Downtown Denver is booming!

Jesse meets us at Union Station after work


a "plastic" Octopus from Bandon's Washed Ashore project in front of
Union Station

Erin gives a tour of another of her design spaces

Dave examines the unique sound proofing
in one of the private phone use areas

a really really sound proof phone
booth for really really private
conversations...bring your own phone!

the building's wonderful roof top relaxation space

one of the clever street art installations in an area called the
RiNo Arts District.   It changes depending on your direction of travel.

beautiful old ladies stand quietly next to the vibrantly painted young 

Approaching the Denver Art Museum in the Civic Center area

we were too late to tour the exhibits inside but
the architecture itself was a fine example of modern art!

Oh Dave.....Oh Erin

fun to watch children "enjoy" the sculptures outside the museum

last night's pizza party with the last bottle of Oregon Pinot Noir :(

We've had a wonderful visit with Jesse and Erin.   We've been able to spend quality time with them, doing fun things, and mundane things, got up close and personal with their new house, their jobs, their life together.   We've seen new parts of the city, eaten wonderful dinners (large and small, in restaurants and at home) had good conversations (serious and frivolous), been treated to a carefully thought out and memorable "mom's day" and  "dad's day", gotten our Golden Retriever fix, drove some fun dirt roads, hiked some easy and some hard trails and enjoyed the simple views from our campsite at Chatfield State Park.    Its been so very pleasant but now its time to go.

I've loved the way sun shine lights up the yellow hillsides here

Jesse and Erin.....Thanks for making our visit perfect, we'll miss you.


  1. Love all the art in Denver! What a terrific month with family...but yes, hitting the road again is fun too!

  2. What a great opportunity you had to see the kids and spend time! I absolutely adore all the photos of the artwork around town. I never would have guessed there was so much. Give Lewis a hug from me and travel safe!

  3. I guess we need to have a Jesse and Erin tour of Denver to see all this very neat and unique art!! What a great mix:) Fun tour for sure! How nice that you got to see some of Erin's projects.

    Love, love all the Lewis photos!! What a cute boy:) Sure do miss having him visit. Nice new fluffy:)

    Leaving is always tough but you are right about being excited to hit the road again. We do understand:) Safe travels!

  4. Getting caught up slowly with our limited Internet coverage. Sounds and looks like a most perfect visit with the kids. Can't believe you're on your way already - that month really flew. Love all the art and fun you found around town. The dust pan and broom at wonderful!!

  5. Love those unique art, it must be new or we just did not go that far when we were in Denver.
    Who knows your next Denver visit there could be some additions to the family.