Monday, September 26, 2016

Busy weekend

We had a busy but satisfying weekend.   Friday night we drove into Denver and met Jesse and Erin after work.   We had a quick but yummy and traditional Mexican dinner outside at El Tacos de Mexico.

The rest of the weekend Dave and Jesse worked on relocating some electrical fixtures in the ceiling and rewiring switches and things at his new house.

a coveralled Dave disappears into Jesse's attic

Jesse and Erin had drawn up a plan of what they wanted to accomplish so after a trip to Home Depot (and a quick "contractor" hot dog for Dave), the "boys" set to work.

caught with a mouthful of Home Depot hot dog with onions
(A guy's gotta keep up his strength)

Dave worked in the attic and Jesse worked downstairs.    Erin cleaned the house and did laundry while I sat and enjoyed my book.   Don't judge....I did walk to the nearby gas station to buy batteries for the walkie talkies you know.

Jesse measures, Kikan dozes

They worked later in the afternoon than originally planned so Erin broke out the candles.

working by candle and head light

She cheerfully prepared her white chicken chili by the light of those candles.

cooking by candle light

Dave and Jesse had the day's job done and the power back on by the time the food was ready so we enjoyed a delicious meal by the light of the new dining room fixture.    No further pictures were taken but a few bottles of Oregon Pinot Noir may have been consumed.

Work resumed on Sunday.   Dave continued his attic gig, finished his stool project, Jesse ran back and forth to the hardware store, pulled wires and handed tools up through the hole and I read.     Erin flew to Portland for a business conference in the afternoon, so I made a pork/sausage/sauerkraut dinner for the three of us.

Today, Monday, Dave and I took care of business at home before meeting Jesse for another wonderful dinner, this time at Duo.    This is a tough life.

Here is Dave's finished wood project.....a cool stool for me!

And for Pam, a picture of the stool with Lewis in the shot......


  1. When all around are so busy, it is key for one person to provide the balance of calm - good job! Oh I do miss a good Home Depot hot dog.......they make any project better. The stool is perfection, of course.

  2. That beautiful stool is a piece of art!! Nothing like a little candlelight for atmosphere while working....haha!

  3. Good to see Mr. David is getting the necessary yummy snack to keep going:) That is one happy man with his hot dog:) Helping our kids is always very satisfying. I'm sure Jesse and Erin are thrilled to have help. Love the pioneer day lighting:) That stool is sooo cute!! The piece of wood is very cool. Great job, Dave! Thanks for the photo of my boy with the lovely stool:)

  4. Mr David is quite the talented guy!

  5. What a busy and hardworking handy man, Mr David is! How lucky is everyone to have him around yet he only gets a hot dog.
    I love the stool !

  6. That foot stool is truly a thing of beauty! Mr. David's Woodworking did a really nice job on that.