Sunday, September 11, 2016

Potching in the Platte

As I said before, we've not been doing anything really exciting but enjoying our time here nonetheless.  

downtown Denver silhouette above the Chatfield Dam

On Friday we spent the day with our sweet patient Lewis.   He's always so willing to just take his cookie and hop on the bed, content to snooze away the hours while we're off exploring or visiting, so its important to make sure he has some fun in between.     Fun for Lewis most often involves a ball.  

Chatfield State Park covers a huge amount of real estate.  Most people bike the miles of paved trails, picnic under the trees or swim/boat/paddle/fish in the large reservoir, but there are a few quiet places where you can enjoy the Platte River.

a bit of bushwhacking required to get to the water

Some access points are harder than others, but the result of that is most people don't bother and you can have it all to yourself.    Right up our alley!     We made very sure there was no poison ivy along the "path" we chose.

"sit-stay" while Dave checks out the beach ahead


what's more fun than a potch in the cool water on a hot afternoon

chase the ball into the water,
chase the ball into the dirt,
makes no difference to Lew

sometimes the ball becomes the color of the beach.....
can you find it?

can he?

a wet dog is a happy dog

a tired dog is a good dog

We tired Lewis out properly and he didn't even even raise his head when we left Beluga later to have dinner at Jesse and Erin's house.    We shared some of the wonderful empanada's we had purchased earlier in the week.    None of us can pass up an opportunity to gorge ourselves on Rincon Argentino's little pies!
No busy, nom nom nom.

Saturday we had a relaxing morning, baked a peach pie (the fabulous Palisades peaches are in season right now) and met Jesse and Erin at a sweet little restaurant in downtown Littleton, JaJa Bistro.     Later they came back to Beluga for pie.

Mr. David, my current sous chef, does a fine job of peeling and slicing the peaches


  1. Sounds so wonderful and it's spectacular to have you back in wifi land again!

    Lewis looks great and the idea of a peach pie...well, those lucky kids!

  2. Yes, a proper blog post with the star of the show! Lew was definitely having a wonderful time playing ball. Cute photos of the wet dog and exhausted dog:)

    Sounds like a great weekend spending time with Jesse and Erin. A peach pie...yum! I bought peaches from our favorite orchard last week but no pie...I ate them all:)

  3. Love the layers in the first pic. Of course a Lewis post is always a crowd pleaser!! No, I couldn't find the ball, but I'm sure he knew where it was the whole messy time :-))) Such a character that boy. I'm not sure what sounds better, the pie or having a sous chef!

  4. Potching is a new word for me! And I love Dave's t shirt!

    MMMMMM peaches!

  5. Yum... peach pie! Sounds like you are having a great time in Denver, especially Lewis! We feel the same way about making sure the pups have their fun as well.

  6. So good to see Lewis having so much fun and sounds like you two are enjoying the time there.

  7. Lewis has a party anywhere there is a ball it seems. Too bad we are too far away to test that pie

  8. So glad Lewis is having a ball, haha! Hope you can hold on to your current sous chef—it's not easy to find good help.