Monday, September 19, 2016

Poodle in the Platte

We were gone a lot this past weekend.   We had a wonderful time but we felt guilty that sweet Lewis spent his weekend on the bed, snoozing and, well.....snoozing.    He's very patient and happy to wait for us to come back but we wanted to spend the afternoon letting him do what he loves most.  Play ball.
Playing ball in the water is better still, especially on such a warm day.

We had a few chores to attend to before lunch.   We found a really interesting slab of wood in Eugene, so Dave is building me a small footstool with it.    Lew supervised today's sanding.

Dave sands quickly in the rapidly disappearing shade

A couple pieces of molding were coming loose inside so while Dave was still wearing his woodworker hat he took care of them.     He doesn't carry all his tools, so he has to make due with what he does have.    Sometimes things have to do double duty!

a hiking pole can double as a wood clamp with a little creativity

After lunch we loaded Lewis into the Jeep and drove over to the trail leading down to the Platte River.   He was quite beside himself when he realized where we were going and he whined, and chortled and even screamed all the way.


  It was a beautiful sunny day and fall is beginning to touch the cottonwoods trees lining the river.

doesn't he move beautifully?  Westminster here he comes!

"looking" for the ball

The river is quite low, but still has a pretty strong current.    It was hard to walk across it without my feet feeling like they were being taken out from under me.  It took Lew a few minutes to realize that if he didn't catch the ball right away it would be carried away.     It shot past him a few times while he spent time looking under the water for it.  

 Eventually he figured it out and would scan the surface down stream for the red ball, he didn't lose any more throws.

Perfect way to spent a hot Monday afternoon.    We all had a great time getting wet!


  1. One very happy poodle puppy...well, he'll always be a puppy to me.

  2. I can just hear Lew in the backseat getting excited to go play:) Yes, this was a perfect way to spend a warm afternoon with a furry guy! You captured some great photos of the fun.

    Make sure you show us the stool when it is completed!

  3. Yes, we want to see the stool! Lewis is such a sweet smart boy...and quite handsome too! What a fun day

  4. So cute! I love happy dog pictures!

  5. Wonderful ripples over the rocks, and the color - wow! Gotta love a multi-tasking hiking pole :-) Your noodley Poodle is such a handsome guy! He's definitely got the moves, and I have no doubt he's gifted in telekinesis :-)))

  6. "Poodle in the Platte" is one of the best blog post titles yet! Lewis wears those dreadlocks well, haha!