Monday, September 12, 2016

Roxborough State Park

After another relaxing morning (is there any other kind?) we thought we'd check out Roxborough State Park.  This 3000 + acre park was declared a National Natural Landmark in 1980.   The published description sounded intriguing and there are a few more modest hikes that we'd like to take later this week.

On our way we drove through beautiful, rolling yellow hills, past large equestrian facilities, cattle grazing range and quite a bit of earth moving in preparation for what we assumed would be another housing development.

Aurora Rampart Reservoir

Since we have a Colorado State Park Pass on the jeep we were able to just drive into the park without stopping.   The road leading to the Visitor's Center is quite short and there are no other roads in this park.   Signs urged us to enjoy the beauty, to immerse ourselves in the pristine landscape and to help preserve it for future generations.

The huge, red spine of the 300 million year old Fountain Formation fills your eyes.  

Their color and shapes contrasting with the verdant green scrub oaks fairly shout at you as you wander the trails.

As I stood framing the shot above, I heard the very loud, and very unmistakable  warning of a rattlesnake in the undergrowth nearby.    I moved.

His comment, however, made me remember to look around me and notice the little things while I was being wowed by the big views.

most extremely cool seed of the Mountain Mahogany bush

We'll be back again.


  1. These landscape pix look surreal...fabulous and so other-worldly.

    But, in the real world I am so glad you heard, moved and deferred to the rattlesnake.

  2. Beautiful Sue! So glad the rattlesnake gave you a warning....

  3. If I hadn't read the title, I would have thought you were in Red Rocks Park. The rock formations are exactly the same. I just love being among the red rocks:) Thanks for sharing since I miss my rocks:) Aren't you glad the rattlers give such a loud warning to wake us up! Glad you managed to get away.

  4. Yikes! We saw, a little too close,a rattlesnake when hiking around Denver area as well.

    Roxborough is a beautiful hidden gem!

  5. Such a lovely place to wander! The giant red rocks among the green are beautiful. Love the bright green acorns, and of course the dainty seed. Snake medicine is that of transmutation. Perfect for our move into a new season :-) Your shots of the littles are as grand as your vistas.

  6. Your photos of the Mountain Mahogany seeds are gorgeous!! That last photo would make a wonderful holiday card. Very beautiful red rock formations, too. I like your "take away" message of the rattler's warning.

  7. I am so glad your snake friend reminded you to look closer at that mountain mahogany! Amazing looking seeds!! Looks like a lovely place to visit for sure.