Monday, January 9, 2017

study in assorted colors

Yesterday (Sunday) we enjoyed just the most perfect desert weather.....70 degrees, bright sun, clear blue sky and light winds.    We spent the entire day outside and enjoyed it, every last minute of it.

It rained last night, all night and most of the morning.   I had a jeep road drive planned for today, into one of the nearby canyons so we waited until after lunch to try it.   We thought if the road began to get too muddy or flooded we'd just turn around and call it a day.

We took the roller coaster Dillon Road to Berdoo Canyon Road and proceeded off into the desert.     At the road's intersection we should have paid attention to the sign.......It told us, quite succinctly, what would be ahead.

And, if we didn't get the first sign, the second one should have made it much clearer......

We renamed this end of Berdoo Canyon, The Canyon of Assorted Colors.


and yellow

red and baby blue

gold and white

and day glo orange

shotgun shells, high powered riffle shells, 9mm Luger shells and 22 caliber shell casings -
somebody had a loud party!

We passed a few cars/trucks parked along a paved section of the road.   Their occupants were shooting at assorted targets, bottles, chairs, etc. with rifles and pistols    We continued on for a few miles, following a rough partial road.    Sometimes the road simply "went away" so we dropped down into a damp, sandy wash to continue.  

this section gave new meaning to the term "road narrows".....

I understood that this trail would intersect with the Geology Tour Road in Joshua Tree National Park about 20 miles ahead.   Twenty long miles ahead.

It was fairly late in the day, clouds gathering to the west so we decided to call it a day.    Besides, we had to pass those two guys and their big pistols again on the way out.......

line of clouds hugging the distant San Jacinto Mountains

Nope....probably won't try that way into Joshua Tree National Park again.....


  1. I am curious about the Geology Tour Road...

  2. Wow. Thanks for the warning and the graphic photo evidence! We will not be taking that road, that's for sure.

  3. Okay, this was wonderful, LOL!! Who knew there was such a variety of colored shot gun shells? Way to turn an unexpected discovery into an art project! We really need to get the three Jeeps out in the desert next month, do a bit of exploring :-)

  4. What a bummer. There are actual firing ranges those people could go to, but no, they mess up actual NATURE!

  5. This is the most interesting "road!" We found it on the map and it shows a road all the way to the Geology Trail. We had to laugh when we got to where the road just disappeared! We were all alone out there until about halfway when a Pink Jeep Tour come through. We weren't sure we were even in the right place til we saw the Jeep. It was a fun ride, for sure and took us right on to the main Geology Tail Road. The Geology section is spectacular!! It is good to get the information booklet prior. Looks like fun for you:) All those casings would have made me nervous, but very cool colors.

  6. Great eye for those rainbow colors of shot gun shells! We saw the other end of that Geology Tour Road into Joshua Tree NP.