Saturday, January 14, 2017

Trois Visages

We've been here at Borrego Springs for a few days and the view from my window has changed drastically, while still staying the same.

We arrived to find strong winds kicking up sand in the desert, holed up inside to escape a very rainy Friday and sat outside reading on a picture perfect Saturday.

Thursday we  managed to get out, between gusts, to check out our immediate surroundings and pick up a Julian pie.

A few miles past the entrance to our RV park we came across these huge creatures squaring off in the desert.

They are just a few of the whimsical metal sculptures, created by Ricardo Brecada,  that pepper this area.

A few miles further down the same road and we found ourselves driving through miles of citrus orchards.

Heavy rain started Thursday night and kept up pretty much all day Friday.   We stayed busy inside but enjoyed a wonderful hummingbird show right outside our window.

Hummingbirds are very territorial and this little immature Black Chinned boy spent the entire day zooming between our window feeder and his self appointed job at Beluga's mirror.    It was an exhausting job.

He'd drink, then fly to the top of the mirror to, presumably, digest for a second or two before energetically attacking the other black chin he saw in the mirror.

Back and forth, back and forth,   all    day    long.

I know....we're easily amused.

Today was warm and sunny, just lovely.   Since it's a weekend, and we don't generally like to sight see on weekends, we planted ourselves on our patio and enjoyed the day.

Well, two of us enjoyed the day.   Since it's a weekend, a holiday weekend no less, there are more than the normal number of pink bikes and scooters plying the paved roads in our park.    They make someone very nervous.


  1. I love that you thought to get the same photo setting with each weather system! I think the final one gets the prize:) It's good that little black chinned fellow helped keep you busy chasing him around:) Lew is really packeted in there! Not sure he can make himself any smaller. What an adorable photo of the "brave" boy:)

  2. Awesome pictures of the hummingbird!

  3. Darling pics of the energetic little hummer - certainly doesn't seem thwarted by the wetness. It's the little things that make this life so special :-)

  4. Love the hummingbird stories and photos! You seem to do well at being happy no matter what the weather decides to do. Poor Lewis. So many scary things in the world, especially pink bikes.