Wednesday, January 11, 2017


We didn't get much sleep last night.   Lewis did, after he crawled into bed between us, but Dave and I laid awake listening to the howling, screaming wind.   The slide toppers weren't flapping around too badly, so we decided not to get up and bring the slides in.   The awnings unfurled and snapped back making awful noises.   Not a good night for sleeping.   This morning the sun was shining and the wind had calmed to a dull roar.    We're lucky, no rain accompanied the wind.

It was a short drive to our next stop, Borrego Springs.   We left Desert Hot Springs around 11:30 this morning, took roller coaster Dillon Road to Rt. 86., then drove along the mountains through date and citrus orchards.

We had views of the Salton Sea as we approached our turn off.

The road leading to Borrego Springs, S-22, is a terrible road.   It hasn't been resurfaced in....well, probably it has never been resurfaced.    It's bumpy and rattly and cracked,  it jumbles everything in the cupboards.     One must exercise patience and just go slow for the first 10 miles or so.   Let the idiots pass!

Last night's wind was forecast to return this afternoon so we were happy to have a short drive.

Sand drifts on the road, so much better than
snow drifts!

We're excited to be back in this area.   We love the desert here and the way the sun and clouds play over the mountains and badlands.

We're settled in to our site at The Springs at Borrego.   Ex pen is up, hummingbird feeders hung, happy hour enjoyed and dinner dishes done - we're in for the night.

The wind returned a little while ago, kicking up sand in the desert outside of our park, but we're snug and sand free inside Beluga, so let it blow!



  1. We love staying in Borrego, so much hiking to do! Last time we left Borrego we took the Highway 78, it is a much better road.

  2. We love that area. So much beauty in all directions, but I don't like the looks of that wind!

  3. Geez! Enough wind already! I would have loved a photo of the three of you in bed together. Lew probably had the majority of the bed:) Sure hope it improves real soon!

  4. Wow, that looks like quite the sandstorm! Glad you're settled in and cozy. We always love our adventures in Borrego Springs/Anza Borrego. Your photo of the robin's egg blue sky with clouds and mountains looks like a painting.

  5. Thanks for the warning on SR22, I think that's the road we will be taking towards our park. That wind looks menacing, hope it won't come back when we get there.
    The last shot captured the wind and sand action.

  6. Love the shadows on the hills - and that beautiful blue sky!! Do not love that entrance road though, can't figure out why they can't repair it given all the use it gets. Revenue from hundreds of vacationers should give them enough to get it done.