Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Last day in the Sonoran Desert.....for now

Last night we had happy hour at MonaLiza and Steve's park, sharing laughter, a couple  luscious Lodi wines and the last of her famous Lumpia.    Once again, I forgot to take pictures.    Well....I did remember as we were driving away.

Bye bye for now friend......

Today was our last day in the Sonoran Desert. Tomorrow we'll put an "E" on the compass and start the long drive across the country to Geneseo, New York.

We decided to visit  the eastern section of Saguaro National Park to do a bit of communing with the giants.    These views will stay with us until we're back again next year.

five different cactus friends

part of a roadside wall constructed by the CCC

the Ocotillo blossoms are so bright this year

yes, another crested Saguaro

you can see why these blooms are favorites of the little Hummingbirds

Javalina rock


  1. That looks like such a peaceful contemplative place! Drive carefully and looking forward to your next adventure!

  2. What a great way to spend your last day and evening...saguaros and MonaLiza and Steve! Safe travels...already looking forward to February 2018 in Tucson!

  3. I agree you wrapped it all up with a great day. The Ocotillo blooms are stunning. Looking forward to see where your eastern travels take you.

  4. I guess Steve and MonaLiza are the only ones left from our group in Tucson. Nice that you got one last HH in!! The loop road in Saguaro NP East is so pretty and even better with all the blooming going on. Enjoy you time in southern NM! Safe travels!

  5. May those beautiful memories sustain you through your time in the East!