Monday, April 3, 2017

Tucson Az., to Silver City, NM

We arrived in Deming, New Mexico on Thursday.  The drive from Tucson was relatively uneventful until we ran into a traffic jam on I-10 past Benson in an area called Texas Canyon.      We knew a truck had gone off the road and clean up was on-going so we pulled into the rest area to wait and have lunch.    As we ate we noticed that the stream of vehicles seemed to be moving along well so we joined the flow.

peek a boo!

As soon as we merged into the driving lane, everyone came to a stop and then proceeded to creep a long again.     As we moved forward we saw what was causing this new slowdown.     A very sobering sight.

 A motorhome towing a large trailer had slammed into the DOT signboard truck positioned to protect the disabled truck ahead.    The front of the motorhome was hideously mangled, if there was a passenger on board, they couldn't have survived the crash.      We continued our drive in silence.

We had planned on a one site stay in Deming.   As we packed up to continue our
drive to Silver City, the manager in Dreamcatcher RV Park's office called to ask if she could convince us to stay put because of the high wind warning in effect.
She wanted all her "people" to be safe.    After the accident we saw yesterday we both agreed that there was no reason to hurry so we agreed to stay.  

the flag across from us was going crazy

It was a good decision to be sure.   It's spring in New Mexico and that means wind, we plan for that, but this day's sustained winds were 30-35 with gusts measured to 55 mph.

Saturday dawned sunny and bright, light winds, so we left Deming and headed north and west on rt. 180.      We encountered a few flakes along the way and saw some coming down seriously in the distance but so far the weather has been lovely.

We have a lovely large back-in site here at Rose Valley RV Ranch in Silver City, New Mexico.   Blogger friends recommended this park and we couldn't be happier.

our huge site 61

nothing but nothing behind Beluga, as far as I can see

as soon as we pulled in this little Tohee arrived to welcome us

More on our explorations around this colorful little city and the Gila Cliff Dwellings later....



  1. If you have to stop at a rest area, Texas Canyon sure is a pretty spot. Definitely sobering to see a wreck like that :-( Glad you avoided another windy drive. Love your nothing view!!

  2. WOW...what a wonderful jester on the part of Dreamcatcher. I have never heard of such a nice thoughtful thing to do.
    Nice site for sure. Glad y'all are safe.

  3. What a scary accident to see! NM winds can be so bad.


  4. We enjoyed our month stay at Rose Valley several years ago. I am sure you guys will enjoy the area. Here is Lisa's blog post the recaps some great trails and other things we enjoyed.

  5. Enjoy your stay at Rose Valley, we sure did!

  6. Planning extra days in the spring to travel is certainly necessary between winds and storms. Seeing another RV in accident is so nerve wracking. The people in NM are so nice at the RV Parks. Dream Catcher called to keep you safe and Rose Valley called us to suggest we not come to keep us comfortable and happy since they were having a blizzard. Definitely very thoughtful of these people. Can't wait to hear more about your stay in the town we missed. We woke to snow again this morning in Farmington. NM!! But, thankfully, today is the last windy cold day. We have three days of high 60's and low 70's starting tomorrow!!! Wahoo!! I have three outside activities, Chaco Cultural Historic Site being the most important.

  7. Good decision to stay put. Glad you're happy with Rose RV Ranch. We've really enjoyed the times we've stayed there. Looks like you scored an extra nice site. Have fun in Silver City!

  8. We have never visited Silver City...cant wait to see your adventures. There are really nice people in this world. What a nice gesture to keep you safe. Like everyone traveling in their home on wheels, those kinds of accidents have a way of causing one to stop and ponder.

    Enjoy !