Saturday, April 29, 2017

South Carolina Botanical Gardens

We haven't done much since we arrived here in Anderson, SC.  The weather has been threatening most of the time so we've just been reading and doing a bit of auto hiking to check out the area.

Its very very green here.   Arms of the huge Lake Hartwell is just a minute down the road.   Nearby Pendleton is a cute little brick town on the Register of Historic Places.

all that remains of Tanglewood Mansion

Today I planned a scenic loop drive along the Savannah River Scenic Highway through Pendleton (for a quick stop at the Village Bakery, yum) and Clemson.  The section of the highway I chose turned out to be not scenic, nor was it along the Savannah River.   Ah well.

We did, however, stop at the South Carolina Botanical Gardens on the campus of Clemson University.   John, at this point you may want to find something else to do....bird and flower pictures are coming.

We didn't do these serene gardens justice, I'm sure.   It was 89 degrees with humidity to match so we walked the paths that led through the sun dappled and shady forests.    I'm afraid we wilt easily.

I was interested in finding the nationally acclaimed nature-based sculptures installed at various places in the gardens/forests of the Botanical Gardens.   We only found one.....Of course, we did not stop at the Visitor's Center where, I now know they have maps to guide one's search, or explore any of the sunny areas.    Ah well.    We thoroughly enjoyed our stroll through parts of the beautiful 295 acre Garden nonetheless.

The crucible by Herb Parker

Oh Dave.....

mother and child in the duck pond

I think this is a red shouldered hawk, any thoughts?

Tomorrow we drive 75 miles or so to Gaffney, SC for Beluga's physical and then on to Kentucky and the driveway of our dear friends!


  1. Haha!! John said appreciated the warning! You know him all too well:) What a great garden! Love that it is in a heavily wooded area. It looks so lovely from your photos and I couldn't even feel the humidity:) Do you know what that strange yellow artichoke looking flower is? It reminded me of an artichoke heart on a mini pineapple! the mother turtle and baby are so cute!

    Have fun in Gaffney!! You'll probably miss the Carolina Cafe. I believe they are closed on Monday...darn!

  2. What wonderful photos!! We walked a botanical garden in the humidity last summer. Beautiful but grueling - don't do humid well at all :-( The baby turtle!!!!!

  3. Looks like a red shouldered hawk to me.

    A beautiful garden makes any day better, even if it can't take away the heat/humidity!

  4. Gorgeous botanical gardens and wonderful photos! Thanks for braving the temps and humidity to share the beauty with us. Yes indeed, that's a Red-shouldered Hawk.

  5. One more declaration for your Kentucky visit: all small children are now banned from riding their bikes within 300 feet of Ison Lane. Effective immediately.