Friday, April 14, 2017

Another stop over night

Last night we stayed overnight at the Katy, Texas, Elks Lodge.   It was an quiet, inexpensive place to pull of I-10 and rest for the night.  By quiet do not mean noiseless, however.    Being close to the interstate meant there was the constant hum of traffic, all night long.  It was quiet in the sense that there was really no one around and far enough away from the hub bub of commercial sprawl lining both sides of I-10.  We had a good night's sleep with the ac on for white noise and were refreshed and ready for our drive through Houston this morning.

We timed our drive for after rush hour but, while there were plenty of people on the road, being Good Friday probably worked in our favor as many people had the day off.  

Tonight we're in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana at the Pioneer Acadian Village RV Park.   It, too, is right beside I-10 but a thick screening of trees makes us forget how close we actually are.  

We knew we were officially in the "South" when Dave had to scrub the smashed love bugs off Beluga's windshield and the campground lady called me "Miss Sue" when I checked in!    Oh.....and did I mention the heavy blanket of humidity?

love  is in the air!

washing Beluga's face after landing in Breaux Bridge.

Tomorrow we're off to New Orleans for Easter.

a totally gratuitous picture of Lewis
(Don't comment on his hair, it hurts his feelings)


  1. Glad y'all got through Houston in fine order. The Katy Elks was a mess last year. They were redoing the road and no way would you have gotten a motorhome in their parking lot.
    Happy Easter.

  2. Lovely skyline, glad the traffic wasn't too bad. Hope you survived the rough interstate! We had high humidity at Christmas time there so I guess it never really goes away - no thanks :-(

    Any pic of Lewis is a treat, and when you're so handsome you have to try different hair styles!

    1. He wants you to know that he's so glad that you "get" him. It's a burden to be good looking, people are so judgemental.

  3. One of those things that turns me away from the east...humidity!! I hate to say this but...our dew point in Utah hasn't left the teens:) My boy looks so cute:) It's called the "Air Conditioning" look:) So original:)

  4. Humidity ? yak! I hope I can escape the eastbound route this year.