Friday, April 21, 2017

Busy day (not!)

Another day in paradise.    We divided the day between beach and exploring pretty little Bay St. Louis.    Shrimp Po boys for lunch across from the marina, followed by a drive along the water.

Oh Dave.......

can you imagine climbing those stairs with arms full
of groceries?

As we drove along we saw the results of Katrina's catastrophic storm surges in the driveways going nowhere, in the stairs that once lead to beautiful estates going nowhere, and  new houses built on stilts at least 17 feet high, some much higher.    We saw stilts that evidently were too low sitting alone, without their houses.

these stilts were too low to keep their house safe

We visited the small Visitor's Center in the Historic Train Depot.    It's a odd sort of visitor's center, not a lot of information save some displays of the normal brochures and a very prominent collection of Mardi Gras costumes.

 We were getting ready to leave when a little woman popped out of an office and asked if she could do anything for us.    We told her we were really looking for some photographs of Katrina's affect on the area and she pointed out a small album.   As we paged through the photos her story began pouring out.....she and her husband had a house nearby, an elevated house.    It was 15 feet off the ground.     Katrina had been downgraded to a catagory 2 storm and she felt they could ride it out easily.  To make a long story short, her husband watched the radar and insisted they leave right away.     Luckily they left because Katrina filled their home with water and mud - up to the attic!    She tells us that now the code for waterfront houses is 17 feet high,  I wonder if that is enough....

After dinner we took Lewis for a long walk on the beach.   As usual, he had a ball!    He's such a good boy, a very good boy.

He was quite a bit in front of us,  running along the surf line when he stopped abruptly and turned back.    He's a good boy because he listens very well and responds quickly.    He listened to me yell "NO" "LEAVE IT" just as he was beginning to perform the dreaded shoulder drop on a very stinky fish carcass.   He didn't drop and roll, he came back to me......can you imagine what his long, beautiful ears would have smelled like if he wasn't such a good boy????


  1. Most of the houses built on stilts have an elevator of some sort. We drive by slowly to see if we can find them. Usually in the back.
    Glad you got to hear that gal's story. There is a younger gal the last time we were there. She was full of stories about the area. I really enjoyed them. Paul stayed for a while then left. Men.
    Good boy, Lewis.

  2. This is not a place I would live on 17 ft high stilts. That is a very long climb EVERY time you go anywhere. Might make one stay home:)

    So glad Lew is well trained and listens. He may have to spend time living outside the MH for awhile!! He is a very good boy:) Well, until Gramma Pamma breaks all the rules:)

  3. Oh I love the gulf coast. Lewis is a good boy! I can't imagine what would have to happen next if he swallowed those fish bones. I agree, a house on stilts is not for us either...or living that close to where hurricanes frequently come through. Visiting in a MH is much better! Oh how I miss those magnificent magnolia blooms!

  4. Must have been so interesting to talk with the woman who went through the experience of Katrina. Somehow I can't imagine why two more feet would make very much difference in a storm surge....