Monday, April 24, 2017

This and That

Here are a couple pictures from our last day in Bay St. Louis.   We drove scenic rt. 90 along the water through Waveland, Pass Christian, Long Beach, Gulfport and Biloxi.    We stopped along the way for one last fresh seafood lunch and then came back to get things in order for our departure on Monday morning.

the red plaque high above Dave's head marks Katrina's water level
as measured in Long Beach, MS.

sweet little Least Terns

As happens when one lives life, one needs to spend time in grocery stores.   That activity moves from a relatively boring necessity to a fun activity when one lives on the road and travels to different parts of the country.

Different chain stores such as Von's, Piggly Wiggly, Rouses, Stater Bros., AJ's Fine Foods, Walts Groceries, Kroger, Fred Meyer, Albertsons, Safeway, Publix, Market of Choice, etc., etc. all have basically the same products.   The fun, for us, comes in when we run across regional specialties in these stores.

Finding a huge display of colorful Mexican pastries in the Bakery area, bags of dried peppers I never knew existed and hard, brown cones of sugar in the spice section, pinatas hanging from the ceiling and swaying in the breeze from the airconditioner tell us where we are.

I think about this every time we make a grocery run.   Yesterday, before we left the Gulf coast I snapped a few pictures of some of the unusual and place specific items on the selves of Claiborne Hill Supermarket in Bay St. Lois.


What I didn't photograph were the shelves upon shelves of different types of crab and shrimp boil,  corn meal and grits (who knew there were so many varieties!), and two huge coolers filled with ice and water and fresh shrimp sitting in front of the meat case.     Yep, I definitely knew where we were!

Today we drove about 265 miles and stopped for the night in tiny Cottondale, Florida.   It turns out that this rv park, Hitchin Post Corral and Campground, is just the ticket.    It's still quite raw (only been open for less than a year), right next to I-10 but the owner's are just about the most pleasant people we've ever come across.   There is no office yet,  we were met as we drove in, given the Passport America rate without asking and led to our large pull through site.    She told us all about their park, what they've done, what they want to do, told us about the white bunnies hopping around, showed us a nice walking trail around the perimeter and along the fishing pond and promised to bring back some fresh eggs from her chickens!

Tomorrow we're off to Asburn, Georgia and a few days of golf.


  1. That park looks like a lovely find! Love your reflections!

  2. I feel like I may never get caught up after this crazy week in Laughlin. Isn't that the truth about regional food selections??? You summed it up perfectly. Pig lips?? Ewwwwe.

  3. We do see quite the assortment of products traveling around the country. I was surprised to see the Hog Maw. This is a special dish in the York/Lancaster area. Quite gross in my opinion. The campground is a great find! Love the pond (and my cute buddy). Fresh eggs...score!! Can't wait to see how things are in Ashburn. The new owners have had a year now to get it fixed up. Enjoy!!

  4. I'll try the guava shells but not pigs lips :) I wonder what Hog Maws are .
    Great reflection shots.

  5. Sweet campground find! Even better with farm fresh eggs delivered to your doorstep. We always enjoy discovering regional specialties, too. But pickled pigs lips....I think I'll pass.