Sunday, April 9, 2017

Fredericksburg, Texas

We're settled into our spot at Quiet Creek RV in Fredericksburg, Texas, hill country.     No sign of said quiet creek, this is a very new rv park carved out of large, previously hay, field.   The sites are roomy and level with nice green grass and very tiny trees in between.   It wasn't my first choice but it is working out fine.  We arrived on a spring weekend, and evidently that fact translates into Fredericksburg bursting at the seams.    Prime wildflower peeping season.   All the accommodations were completely sold out, motel/hotel and rv, so we were happy to find a spot here.

The weather isn't cooperating with us, its been very windy and cloudy with a storm knocking on our door.     Yesterday we had lunch at the Old German Bakery, downtown (with a million other people).   It was delicious and worth the wait (I think).

this picture shows the pancake after I had been eating on it for at least a half hour!

Dave had sauerbraten and red cabbage.....I had the hugest (is that even a word?) German pancake anyone has ever seen, ever.   burp.

Afterward we drove over to checkout nearby Lady Bird Johnson Park.   Fellow bloggers have stayed at the RV park associated with it, but we don't fancy side by side sites, hermits that we are.    The park is a wonderful place...nature trails, golf course, fishing in a beautiful and clear creek, lovely picnic shelters and flowers everywhere.   The high point, as far as Dave was concerned, was that it is directly across from the airport and one can sit and watch it's comings and goings.  

the airport had an unusual number of V tail Bonanzas on deck, but this
Lancair Evolution turbo prop took the prize.

Including three or four beautiful scissor-tailed flycatchers (also known as the Texas bird of paradise!) plying their trade on the fence directly in front of us.    I could have taken a really good picture of them, they were that close, but my camera has official given up the ghost.  The dreaded "Lens Error".    I've tried every tip the internet has to give, short of taking it apart.    The IPhone does a fine job, but not for closeups so, after some thought, we headed to Walmart for a new purchase.

After the heavy rain, hail and wind forecast for the next couple days passes by we'll get out and about.   I'll show you more pictures of this lovely and very green little town.    Apparently there is a wine trail we must follow and a wildflower loop to be driven.   Finger's crossed the storm moves through quickly.

one of the many tiny "church" houses in town.


  1. If it isn't on your list, Wildseed Farm is a really neat place to visit. Rustlin Rob's Texas Gourmet Foods good one too.
    We did the wine trail. Sister Creek Vineyard and Woodrose Winery are two we visited
    If you are looking for off the beaten path place to eat that is pretty cool, try Alamo Springs Cafe.

  2. Sure hope the weather moves out very quickly for you so you have time to really see the area. This time of year everything is in question. We spent seven days in Santa Fe to just get two good days to see the two things we came for. We are looking forward to you showing us around since we will probably never stop there.

  3. We really enjoyed our stay in Fredericksburg, such a cute town...and the flowers were spectacular a couple of years ago. Hope you enjoy all the picturesque scenery...with a new camera!!!

  4. We spent a week in Fredericksburg a couple of years ago and loved it. The wildflowers were spectactular—we were there during the Wine and Wildflower Festival at Wildseed Farms. The fields are gorgeous in bloom! If you have the time, the nearby LBJ Ranch is fascinating, as is the adjacent Sauer-Beckman Ranch.

  5. I am looking forward to your flower filled pictures, that is if you can get around those crowd. I am not sure if we can make it or try to visit Fredericksburg but I really want to at springtime. New Camera, yeah!
    I wished I was with you so I can help you finish the pancake, it looks delicious!

  6. Ahhh, good German food is the best. That Lancair is a beauty. It was crowded there even when we drove through in January so I can only imagine :-( Still, I hope you get some sunny days to catch the beauty of the hill country.

  7. Catching up and it looks like you've found a fun spot to spend a bit of time. I am with you, close quarters when camping is not my think either! :) gotta go read your other posts!

  8. The pancake looked delicious! And I love the tiny "church" house.

    Can't wait to see pictures of the bluebonnets!

    1. As I understood it, the outling ranchers would build tiny houses in town to have a place to stay when they came in for church and probably trade as well, hence the name "church" house!