Friday, April 6, 2018

a few last pictures from Lake Powell

Lewis always finds the shade

Lewis had a wonderful time in the Lake Powell area.   He got to accompany us most days as we explored our fantastic surroundings.

who knew rocks came in so many colors and shapes

Lewis does his part to keep the trails clear of overhanging brush

the view from our site changed with the day's passing light.....

Lewis loves to share lunch in the rocks 

the curly one is always first one up......

We left Wahweap Marina and Campground on Easter Sunday and made the short drive through famous Monument Valley. 

We're at the Cadillac Ranch RV Park in tiny Bluff, Utah.   Pam and John are on one side of us and our other neighbors are MonaLiza and Steve.   Lewis is in heaven!     It's pretty sweet for us too!


  1. I agree: hard to believe there are so many different colors and types of rocks. So pretty. We are going to be following this exact route in just a few weeks. Can't wait. It's just gorgeous! Lewis looks like he's having a blast. That is one cute pupper!!

  2. You guys!! What a fantastic neighborhood you moved into in Bluff! We love that place, as you know. Looking forward to your adventures there.
    That beautiful photo of Lake Powell makes me peaceful just looking at it. Love that place, too! So glad Lewis the busy bee is making sure the trails are clear for you.

  3. Lewis is such a cad! That first pic is especially wonderful. Love his furry butt making the curve at the top of the trail :-))

  4. I'm sorry we missed our time at Wahweap. I've been looking forward to hiking with Lewis. Glad we got to do San Juan Hill and the River House ruin together. He works so hard when he hikes. Have a great time in Moab!! I'll be looking for lots of photos:)