Saturday, April 7, 2018

Bluff adventures, backwards

Lets try something a little different.   Tonight is our last night here in Bluff and I haven't blogged about any of it, so.....let me tell you about today and we'll work backward from there?

MonaLiza and Steve will meet us for breakfast (blue corn pancakes) before we head north for a 3 week stay at Moab.    Pam and John leave in the morning also.   They, however, will head back to Boulder City, Nevada and into their new home!   

This weekend was Bluff's Founders Celebration Weekend with lots of lectures, activities at the fort, demonstrations and a parade today!

Standing on the corner waiting for the parade to start

here it comes!

It was a tiny piece of Americana.....two small bands, one from the local school,  Native American "floats", descendants of the original settlers pulling the hand carts their ancestors used to carry their belongings on the pilgrimage, horses, and much candy tossing (and bananas.....don't ask?)

Watch out John......Dave's banana gun is drawn

After the parade ended we walked down to the Twin Rocks Cafe and Gallery to sniff out some Navajo Fry Bread sampling that we read about.   

Twin Rocks Gallery

We marveled at the native american baskets and weavings in a private room in the Gallery.    We made a purchase for an upcoming wedding and were able to witness a demonstration of traditional Navajo basket weaving.   Mother and daughter sat in the gallery and totally enthralled us with their skill, and talent.   JoAnn, the daughter, did all the talking.   Her mother did not speak English but sat quietly by and worked her magic with raw sumac reeds and sharp knife.

Mother holds our purchase, crafted by her son

We said our goodbyes to JoAnn and her mother and walked back to the Bluff Fort area to pick up some wood fired pizzas we'd been smelling during the parade.

We sat outside and enjoyed our lunch.    Once we had eaten, the men had a job to do.

Uh Oh

How many men does it take to change a tire?

a tiny nail turned out to be the culprit

We went our separate ways for a few hours in the afternoon and then reconnected here for a private happy hour to bid adieu to Pam and John.   No pictures needed.


  1. We have seen a few local parades and loved them all. This one looks like a really neat treat. Fry bread and fired pizza...yummmmmy! I make pine needle baskets which originated with the Indians, but I don't come close to the skills the Navajos have. I just love their baskets. People want to know why they cost so much...little do these same people know how much time is put into making one basket!

  2. What a treat to be apart of the Founder's Celebration. We have driven through Bluff so many times on our way to Moab. I think we need to make a stop there and spend a few days ! Hope to see you, Dave and Lew soon.

  3. I love those small town celebrations. And the pine needle basket—what a beautiful gift! And wonderful that you're supporting a local artisan.

  4. Oh, now I see that the basket is crafted of sumac reeds, not pine needles!

  5. How can one NOT love small towns and their parades! So jealous, would love to watch the basket weaving - something I did many many years ago. Love Native American arts!

  6. Seeing those two Navajo women weave made me appreciate the basket more and why they are priced the way they are. Its a labor of love! And i see those sumac reeds in our hikes.
    We enjoyed the little town parade :)