Thursday, April 26, 2018

Yesterday and today

We've spent the last two days doing a couple of short off road drives to wind up our time here in Moab. 

Yesterday we drove a bit south of town on rt. 191 to look for Landscape and Balcony arches.    We encountered road construction exactly at the point where we were supposed to turn so we had to continue on for almost 5 miles until we could turn around and get back into the line of traffic behind the "follow me" truck and make another attempt.    By the time we reached the turnoff again the dump trucks and graders had moved out of the way and were able to start our off road adventure.   

The decision to take this drive was a spur of the moment one so, since we got a late start, we decided to only go as far as the Picture Frame Arch.   Gay had previously suggested a similar route but continuing past and on to a beautiful overlook.   We'll take her up on it next time through!

Spring has really sprung, the sand is full of sweet little wildflowers.

These flowers smell it desert holly MonaLiza?

We drove along next to a high, smooth ridge until we saw Balcony Arch near the top.  There were a couple tents staked below and we heard music so snapped a few quick pictures and kept on driving.   It was a real shock to see people there, we're accustomed to having these beautiful places to ourselves.

almost alone......

Balcony arch is on the left of the cliff

Just past this arch we turned a corner and found what we were looking for....Picture Frame Arch.   It's square!

see Dave in purple?

Dave hiked up until he was almost under the arch, but the slick rock was just too steep.

Now for the part of the blog with pictures of Lewis.....

peek a boo!

After lunch today we loaded Lewis in the Jeep and drove out to Bartlett Slickrock, a place Pam and John took us to a couple years ago.   It's a great place to take Lewis.....he can run and play and investigate without running into anyone else.     We all enjoyed hiking around the area with no particular place to go, nothing in particular to see.   Just Lew's kind of hike!

Dave opened the gate and we walked down a narrow sandy road, following the fence line until it ended on the smooth rock terraces.

  We wandered and enjoyed the patterns and piles everywhere.

can you see where we left the Jeep, in the far distance?

Lewis romped and ran and screamed with joy.....

and posed......

and found snippets of shade to rest in....

We've all had a wonderful time here in Moab.   It's a beautiful and exciting place to spend time.



  1. Yes, next time we will go to the overlook! Picture Frame Arch is so square and cool! Love, love the pictures of Lew! He is certainly in a “ happy place” when he is exploring the great outdoors.

    Safe travels and happy trails as you head east...

  2. Two nice places to spend time. Bartlett Slickrock is such a,perfect playground for Lewis. so many flat open places to stretch those legs but lots of little climbing areas, as well. Wish we had been along again this year. Thanks for lots of photos in the best part of the blog!!!

  3. Yes, that is Desert Holly, it really smells divine! Lewis is such a happy dog especially when he hikes with his parents. And Im sure he has been leading you!

  4. I've never seen a square arch! Very cool. And Balcony Arch is just beautiful. Love all of the photos of red seems otherworldly to me now as we make our way up the east coast. Dave's t-shirt is the exact color of the beautiful lavender desert flowers (I'm guessing lupine?). And Lew, sweet happy boy....he makes me smile. Cute photo of him resting in the toadstools.

  5. Nothing says pure joy like Lewis on a romp. What a lucky/happy boy.

  6. Too bad that poodle is having such an AWFUL time!

  7. I'm always happy to share our space with Raven :-) How cool to see a square arch. Mother Nature never disappoints. Love the fancy outdoor tables after the pic of the long distance Jeep. And of course seeing Lewis having so much fun is the best!!