Sunday, May 20, 2018


We're on the road, E is on our compass, we're heading back to the lake.    We're in Kansas tonight.

The drive has been.....a bit boring.    The scenery, while boring, is restful to the eyes.   So much so that I almost fell asleep in my seat today.    I never do that.

Our site at the Goodland KOA is fine and the sun is shining.   No tornadoes or "dangerous" weather patterns at this point.   The trees around us are filled with noisy Orioles and Western Kingbirds.     The next stop on our eastern pilgrimage
will be Russell Kansas, tomorrow night.

Jesse and Erin came over for happy hour last night, then we drove into nearby Littleton for dinner.

Ready to go Erin?

We enjoyed another great dinner together, although the large table seated next to us sounded like they were at a soccer game instead of a lovely little local restaurant.    The food and wine and dessert were wonderful but we could barely hear each other's conversation across the table.

who will get the last bite?

Ah well, you can't dictate how other people express their joy....although it would certainly be nice.


  1. Lots of nothing at times across Kansas. So very glad that you didn't have any weather. I do believe people are getting louder when out in public. No one seems aware that we are all not interested in what they have to say. People sit in Starbucks and talk on the phone so loudly that the entire place knows the whole conversation. I feel like I should stop by on my way out and offer my thoughts on the conversation...haha! The day of the soft voice is gone. So sweet to photos of Jesse and Erin:) I know that move east is bitter sweet:)

  2. I think you should change the last sentence to "Ah well, you can't tell people to shut the hell up...although it would certainly be nice." You know it's more honest. :)

    Safe travels east!!

  3. Oh, I wish our paths were going to cross as you are heading east and we are heading travels!
    Sounds as though you had a lovely farewell evening with Jesse and Erin. Even with those rude people who need to be taught to use their "inside voices" when in a nice restaurant.

  4. We will probably cross Kansas coming west in the Fall - already expecting miles of "eye stretching" - the green is pretty though. Yep, loud talkers in otherwise peaceful settings are beyond annoying. Lovely to see pics of the kiddos.

  5. Sounds like a delightful dinner with Jesse and Erin. Great photo of Erin! So happy the weather is cooperating. Safe travels...