Saturday, May 19, 2018

last few days

I'm really bad.   I just don't remember to take pictures of people, even people I love.    You see Dave in lots of my photos because I use him for perspective.....shhh, don't tell him that though.

So, in keeping with this confession I'll tell you that we had a lovely long lunch with Rick and JoAnne on Monday, and took no pictures.     We drove up to Boulder to meet them at the Met and on our way home we stopped at our favorite Rincon Argentino to pick up a large order of their yummy empanadas.   Most of them made it to our freezer, but we kept some out to share with Jesse and Erin the next night.    We also enjoyed a strawberry/rhubarb Julian pie that we've dragged around with us since January (in the freezer!).   Once again, no pictures.

Then, last night, we celebrated multiple birthdays at another of our all time favorite restaurants in Denver, Mizuna.   We shared lots of wine, Beef Wellingtons, Scallops and most excellent desserts.   We Ubered home.   No pictures.

Jesse and Erin are coming to Beluga this afternoon for an inside Happy Hour (it's been pouring all day long) and then out for one last dinner so I'll try to remember to take pictures of them.   Check back and see if I did! 

  Even though it's been raining constantly, the Lilac Looter was hard at work.   Imagine my surprise when I looked out my window and saw....

cowboy boots guard against ticks in high grass, I'm told....

Thanks to him, Beluga now smells like Springtime instead of a Chinese restaurant.   A good thing.

Thursday Dave and I took rt. 67 through Sedalia with the South Platte River as our destination.

On our way we turned off onto the dirt Rampart Range Road to find a nice quiet place in the woods for our lunch.

We found just the place beside another huge boulder that seemed very out of place.   It was balanced on two tiny points smack in the middle of deep woods.

We wondered where it came from!

see what I mean?   Perspective.....

After lunch we continued on to the River.   This is one of our favorite drives, any time of year, but in the spring there are lots of flowers along the way and the river is rioting along noisily. 

 We found a lovely calm spot and sat on some smooth rocks so we could put our feet in the water.    It was almost 90 degrees outside so the cold water felt really good.

I saw something interesting in the water at my feet so I slid down the smooth rock (a little faster than I'd planned....) and into the water to investigate.  The water was deeper than it looked but I managed to keep the phone in my pocket dry.

I worked the little things along with my foot until I could reach into the water without getting to very wet.   They looked like little bubbles.

I was quite pleased with myself and they have now joined my small rock collection under the Jeep's front seat.

small pleasures


  1. I wonder how those little glass baubles got into the stream? They look just like the ones the jays carried off from our garden back home in Oregon. I couldn't figure out where they were disappearing to and then one day saw a Stellar's Jay swoop down, pluck one out of our fountain, and fly away. So those might be mine, haha!!
    It looks and sounds like you're having a lovely time. I just "borrowed" some lilacs, too. :-)

  2. That should be Steller's Jay....not enough coffee yet....

  3. Ah yes, someday I hope to get better at remembering people pics!! Glad you got to see Rick and Joann, even if we don't get to :-) That boulder is huge (thanks to your perspective guy) Your baubles look like the ones we use in our healing Reiki work. Sweet treasures to remind you of a beautiful place. And you did have to scale a rock wall and brave the rapids to get them!

  4. Great eye you the baubles! The boulder is interesting. We found one almost like it outside of Colorado Springs a few years ago...strange ! It's been a fast two weeks...happy trails !

  5. How awesome that you got to have lunch with Rick and Joann! What a great drive! That is one out of place boulder, but oh, so interesting. Looks like it was placed there. I would have loved seeing you slide down into the water!!! Now that is a treasure worth getting wet. Very, very strange find! They just might be Laurels!!! Beautiful lilacs! I do love their fragrance:) I use to pass a tree on my walking route back in the day. I always "borrowed" a few to take home:)