Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Into the Woods

The weather here is changeable.   One day in the 50's, or hot and sunny in the morning, death storms in the afternoon.   On one of those hot days we headed for the hills with Lewis and our lunch.

I'd forgotten how wonderful the forest smells....

We drove south on rt. 67 and turned off onto 105 through beautiful horse and cattle ranches.    We were looking for Dakan Road, knowing that it had just opened for the year on May 1.     As we began to climb on the dirt road we saw some beautiful wildflowers here and there.

We stopped for lunch beside a huge overhanging boulder that is a popular camping spot.   We were at almost 9000 feet and the cool breeze was just perfect.

We explored the boulder strewn area awhile before getting our cooler and settling down for lunch.

We watched birds enjoying a water filled pothole in one boulder.

it was a little breeze up there!

Lew watches Dave climb up with our lunch

We whiled away most of the afternoon there so, instead of making it a loop drive, we just went back home the same way we'd come.   I never mind that, things always look different from the other direction!

Lew enjoys a little rub down before getting back in the Jeep.

On Mother's Day we had second cup at Jesse and Erin's house.   Lewis went along for the first time because we had plans for the entire day, followed by dinner, and we didn't want to leave him alone for that long.

He loves Jesse and Erin madly and really enjoyed the freedom of a house and a new toy box filled with different things.      He gets along respectfully with their sweet dog, Tanner, but isn't really interested in interacting with anyone other than Jess.

keeping the proper distance apart while waiting for a hand out!

Lewis found several balls in Tanner's toy bucket!   O Joy!

a door jam hug is always nice

as is a door way ambush!

After making sure the dogs could co-exist, alone the four of us headed over to the newly opened Kirkland Museum of Fine and Decorative Art.   I did not take my camera inside so I have only a few shots from my phone.   I was too interested in looking.

The museum houses a fantastic Vance Kirkland retrospective - over 1000 pieces of Colorado's most distinguished modern painter are housed in this brand new space.   Also included are examples of every major design period from Arts and Crafts to Post Modern all displayed in salon style.    The last section of this museum showcases the art work of over 700 Colorado artists between 1880 and the l990s.    Not your ordinary art gallery! 

After we'd seen all we could see, Erin prepared a delicious dinner and we ate and enjoyed and talked about our day.    I can't think of a better way to spend Mother's Day....thanks Jesse and Erin, you make me very happy.


  1. What a perfect Mother’s Day! Love the pictures of Jesse and Lew playing. We will keep the museum in mind next time we are in Denver. That’s a great photo of Erin and Jesse.

    Love seeing Lew on the rocks...

  2. That was a perfect Mother's Day! But I was hearing John's commentary on the two painting you shared. Good thing he wasn't along. It would have been ugly! What a great photo of Jesse and Erin:) Glad Tanner and Lew can co-exist so Lew can visit Jesse.

    The pine trees do smell wonderful don't they. It must be certainly trees that have a stronger scent then others. When we were hiking at Mt Charleston we would come into an area with such a strong scent, then not smell anything. Looks like my buddy had a fun day in cool forest:)

  3. Always great to see you all together! Loving the CO pictures now. And Lewis...well, he is always statuesque in his photographs!

  4. What a lovely Mother's Day! Sweet photo of Jesse and Erin -- and hilarious one of the doorway ambush! Your day in the hills looked beautiful. Have you ever tried a backpack on Lewis? He could carry your lunch. Or would he be offended? :-)

  5. Lew looks like he's having such a good time - in the rocks and with his buddy! Those are some fun boulders. But 9000 feet.... :-( The art gallery sounds wonderful. That's a lot of art to soak in. Darling pic of the kiddos, glad you had such a lovely Mother's Day!