Tuesday, January 29, 2019

a little more desert

It just occurred to me that all of you may not find these rocky deserts beautiful, that you may feel our forays into it are boring and redundant with nothing but rocks and cactus and sand.

 If so, I'm sorry, but you're about to see a few more pictures of the same scenery.     We think it's beautiful in it's starkness, in it's hugeness and it's tiny details.    And, then there are the small, meek flowers just beginning to show themselves.

desert pincushion

Pam and John, Dave and I left our RV park Sunday afternoon on a mission.   To check out the wildflowers near Arroyo Salada for the last time and to enjoy a sunset happy hour together at Font's Point.

desert chickory

Pam noticed this tiny pencil cholla

On our way to Font's (Fonts) Point we parked the Jeep and hiked out to a small stone bench placed high on a rocky knoll, called Burk's Bench.   It commemorates the gift of 1600 acres of surrounding land by the Burks family.   The views are similar to those seen at Font's Point, but on a more private level.

Pam and John examining the box under Burk's Bench

Under the bench is a small metal box containing a journal to sign your name or make whatever comment you wish.    It also, thoughtfully, contained a lighter and one small marijuana bud to perhaps enhance your experience.

No one as far as the eye can see......

Can you see the Jeep?

We looked back at the trail (a wash really) we hiked in on,  trying to see where we left John's Jeep.   Can you spot it?


how about now?   (hint - we see the sun reflecting off it's window)

After enjoying the view and the total silence, we hiked back to the Jeep and continued along to Font's Point and our happy hour.    We hoped that, because it was a Sunday afternoon, we might have the place to ourselves, but that wasn't to be.      Pam and John did a great job of finding a nice, private spot on the edge of the overlook and set up their chairs.

We all enjoyed the end of a nice day together and our adult beverages.   The sunset, however, never materialized.   We drove back through the desert in the dark, an enjoyable and rather otherworldly experience!

After golf today Mother Nature finally gave us the perfect sunset we were waiting for at Font's.   What's a day or two?


  1. "It just occurred to me that all of you may not find these rocky deserts beautiful"...

    Suzi, are you kidding! I walked to work (only 200 yards) in -30deg chill factor this morning.

    Keep them coming, I can only survive the winter here in NW Ohio by looking a some beautiful desert flowers.


  2. Burk's Bench is quite a find our in the middle of the desert. Does Pam have a glass bottle at Font's point? Don't let Ranger Rick catch you with that :) Dang after going to all the effort to pick the one night without a sunset. Arroyo Saldao looks even better in your photos.

  3. Oh no, I never tire of your peaceful desert photos and the beautiful desert wildflowers and sunsets! I know you had a fun happy hour even if you didn't get a sunset that evening. :-)

  4. I find all nature beautiful. Even blizzards.

  5. I could look at the rocky desert photos all day and into the night. I love the little metal box with the marijuana bud. Were there any takers. 😊
    Gorgeous sunset. Thanks for bringing some beauty to us as we struggle to stay warm at -14.

  6. That's really a full-service desert bench! Love seeing the delicate desert flora in that stark and peaceful environment. Glad to see the sunset caught up with you :-)

  7. I missed the desert, so NO not bored a bit!
    I still could not spot John's jeep, even as a mirage :)
    I'd say you had the perfect spot for a happy hour even if the sun did not color the skies when it dipped into the horizon.